kenneth mark md hydrating serum am & pm

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 1, 2014


by Leila

I reviewed the Kenneth Mark MD Hydrating Serum AM & PM ($90 in the shop), and I felt that, for the most part, the product lived up to its claims. The serum itself is fairly lightweight and goes on smoothly and easily. It absorbed quickly and did not leave a greasy or sticky residue, which is something I look for when purchasing a serum.

This is one of the first serums I have used that claims to hydrate the skin, and it is also the first Kenneth Mark MD product I have tried. I’m currently in my early 60s and have endured a life-long struggle with chronic dry skin, for which I have never found a solution that lasted any considerable length of time, let alone lived up to its claims. Therefore, I had no expectations of the serum. It was actually quite the opposite: I had many doubts. I did not think that a serum would be capable of actually adding hydration to my skin. But I’m pleased to report that I was very pleasantly surprised. To put it simply, it literally hydrated my skin. It felt like adding a drink of water to a parched throat.

I incorporated the Hydrating Serum into my daily routine quite easily, as I like to keep my product usage simple and to the point. Therefore, to incorporate this product into my usual day-to-day ritual, I applied the serum after cleansing my face with my normal face wash. Again, the serum went on smoothly and dried almost instantly. I really loved that about this product because I didn’t have to wait around for it to dry so that I could apply my next product, which is such a time saver and very convenient! Lastly, I followed up and finished off with my moisturizing day crème. My evening routine is almost identical, though of course I use my PM moisturizing night crème. In addition, twice weekly I use Arcona The Solution ($45) in my evening routine, and the serum did not conflict in any way.

In addition to suffering from chronic dry skin, I have extremely sensitive skin and have to be careful which products I purchase, especially if they contain any unneeded fragrance or perfumes. The Hydrating Serum had absolutely no scent, and I loved that about the product. It also did not irritate or otherwise have any detrimental effects to my skin.

All in all, I have to say that KM/MD Hydrating Serum was a very pleasant surprise, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the product testing. My daughter even commented that my face looked smoother and my lines less noticeable! I attribute that to the sodium hyaluronate found in the product.