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KERACELL founder - Ekin Ozlen

March 12, 2018 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

Ever since I discovered KERACELL and its hair and skincare ranges based on a unique approach to stem cells, I was intrigued to find out more about the woman (spoiler alert, there's actually two of them but only one is a former Ford model) behind these impressive products. Ekin Ozlen tells us her story....

Flawless skin has always held this elusive quality for me. It has been a lifelong pursuit beginning with my early days as a FORD model in NYC. In that competitive industry perfection is not only a desire but it is a prerequisite. Every FORD model is so beautiful and the only defining factor becomes the quality and textures of our skin, particularly with the inception of high definition. The models with the most flawless skin book all the jobs because it requires less work in post for the art directors and photographers. 

This quest for flawless skin caused me to begin experimenting with different treatments, procedures and topical solutions to correct the issues I was struggling with regarding specifically pigmentation issues, acne issues, cellulite, stretch marks, pore size, wrinkles, I dealt with all of it and I tried everything!!! I became an expert because I needed that edge within my extremely competitive industry to thrive. I was in the best city, NYC, to do my homework as far as innovations and procedures were concerned. I did what all models do, I began frequenting the top dermatological facilities, seeking out top plastic surgeons and skin care specialists and taking notes to garner my edge.

My quest for skin perfection led me to eventually meet my husband who was a plastic surgeon. I learned a great deal from him not only on the injectable side and treatment protocol side but also on the surgical side. I was completely fascinated and mystified by the body’s ability to heal itself post op! Especially the skin. I was like a guinea pig asking him to try so many skin smoothing techniques on me. It was an exciting time understanding the science behind the bodies largest organ...the skin!

During this same time while my career as a Ford model in NYC was rising, on the opposite coast in California, my stepmother's career as a formulator within the cosmeceuticals industry was absolutely SOARING! She was formulating for the biggest and the best, building a thriving cosmetics consultation company and experimenting with tons of different ingredients from around the world. She was a professor, and expert witness, an author and a force to be reckoned with! She created a very powerful name for herself and is widely recognized as a top formulator globally.

It was once that I came to visit her in her lab and she had this little area where KERACELL® was being developed. I remember saying, “but what are you doing with these products, made with Human Stem Cell Extract? I have to try this!!” So I left with a bundle of KERACELL® products and couldn’t wait to get home to try them. They were super scientific and she was extremely modest regarding how potent they were, but I was well aware of her genius and so I was beyond excited to team up with her and build this brand.

It was quite a few years earlier, but my stepmother had started by concocting a formula specifically for hair loss, just for her own use. She had suffered through an early hysterectomy and her hair began falling out dramatically due to the hormonal imbalance.  This is actually how the KERACELL® Hair & Scalp Revitalizing Spray was born!  It all began with the rapid results we experienced from the hair system!

Upon initially using the products I remember being completely astounded by how quickly my skin balanced out and felt so incredibly nourished and hydrated from the combination of the ANTI-AGING FACIAL SERUM and the REJUVENATING RICH MOISTURE CREAM. My acne issues subsided, the dark rings around my eyes faded away after layering the EYE SERUM and the 8 in 1 EYE RENEW, my stretch marks were diminishing and my skin on my body was tightening up from using the FIRMING & SCULPTING BODY LOTION. My eyelashes were growing at an incredible pace (I actually remember trimming the tips with scissors) and my hair was longer, fuller, shinier & thicker than it had ever been! My friends were all commenting that I was glowing and asking what I was using on my skin and hair!

I had been so accustomed to piling on foundation and concealer to hide all my imperfections throughout my whole body that for the first time in my life I was able to go out without any make up on! I had been striving for that ability for my entire adult life!  I just recall being so excited to spread the word! To tell all of my friends, FINALLY products that actually PERFORM!!!  Finally, skincare & haircare products that do what they claim to do!

Now allow me to explain how and why...!!!

KERACELL® Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell Technology (MHCsc) ™ is the first ever stem cell extract to use a combination of fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells in our stem cell conditioned media. Our technology has an optimized balance of fibroblasts and adipose derived mesenchymal cells boasting over 542 measurable proteins, peptides and growth factors, which is more than any other stem cell extract available!  

KERACELL® is a revolutionary, clinically validated line that delivers naturally occurring proteins, antioxidants, cytokines & targeted peptides utilizing Lipid (exosome) delivery to nourish, protect, correct & restore. Our core technology is developed by two Ph.D biomedical scientists with expertise in stem cell research and cancer molecular biology.

The easiest way to explain the science behind our powerful KERACELL® product line is that when it is applied to the skin the persons own stem cells and fibroblasts respond to this and basically come to the site to act to repair the “WOUND” of aging.

These cells are sourced from a nationally certified and accredited source and are screened for all diseases to certify that the starting material we use to make our extract is pure and from viable cell cultures. The combination of these two types of stem cells used to make the Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell (MHCsc)™ conditioned media helps to rebuild the skin structure and enhances the skins own healthy activity and cell metabolism without having a detrimental effect on bad cells.

The biggest challenge we have faced thus far is educating consumers on the safety and efficacy of topically applied human stem cell extract.  It is highly scientific and a VERY niche market. Luckily, consumers are very welcoming to this high science based method of luxury skincare as KERACELL® is at a very pivotal moment and is scaling rapidly.

It is impossible to pick a favorite KERACELL® product as we have so many!! The VITAMIN C SERUM is most definitely at the top of that list.  It is brightening and firming and super velvety and luxurious. It is a makeup primer as well. Another favorite is the REJUVENATING RICH MOISTURE CREAM.  It increases cell turnover without causing photo toxicity all the while providing deep hydration. I can’t go a day without the ENTIRE KERACELL hair system, it is an absolute game changer which we can barely keep in stock! After all, our entire line began here!

We are currently working on an ANTI-GREY RESTORATION HAIR SPRAY which we are very excited about! Also, we have just completed our new LIQUID GOLD ENRICHING ELIXIR, it can be mixed in with any of the hair or skin products for a boost in overall hydration. We’ve also just launched a CLINICAL STREGNTH KERACELLMD® selection of physician only offerings.




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