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Keracell Rejuvenating Rich Moisture Cream Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin
Keracell Rejuvenating Rich Moisture Cream
May 8, 2018 Reviewed by Tina 0 Comments
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A skin loving standout


Absorbs well, hydrates and improves skin texture



My approach to skincare is always to use as many high impact results-guaranteed ingredients and formulations as possible, without compromising health and safety.  Which means little or no exposure to chemicals and toxins.  Clean skincare that beautifies and erases signs of aging to the utmost level based on the latest science and proven technology.

In actual years my skin is fast approaching 60 and is therefore considered to be “mature” and “aging”.  I need as much moisturization and visible rejuvenation that is within my grasp.  Constant cell turnover to help my skin shed its age and look firm, plump and radiant.

Right away after using Keracell Rejuvenating Rich Moisture Cream ($100 in the shop) with human cell extract, I knew that I had found a new skincare ally to add to my skincare products repertoire and join the ranks of my age-fighting tribe. The silky light feel of the cream and instant absorption won me over. The subtle and pleasing citrus scent makes the application process  all the more enjoyable. The light fragrant aura of tranquility quickly overtakes and then swiftly lifts while melting into the skin.

This is a product to use both day and night to keep the skin adequately hydrated and soft to the touch.  My fascination and love for this Keracell skin-loving standout, led me to purchase the Keracell Anti-Aging Serum.  Used together they work synergistically to give my skin an extra dose of human stem cell extract (or growth factors). 

The first step in my skincare routine after cleansing and toning, is to apply a serum with growth factors. This is a non-negotiable ritual for me at a time in my life where I have to go “all in” with the most powerful of anti-aging weapons. And serums provide the most valuable and viable delivery system for penetration before layering with creams and other products, such as sunscreen. 

Keracell’s trademark technology, Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell (MHC sc), is created from combining fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells via Exosome delivery.  Vitamins, minerals and targeted peptides complete their exclusive formula.

I look to growth factors to keep my 50-plus skin in the most optimal condition. Since using the Keracell cream and serum “dream team”, my skin just looks better.  The texture has improved, I continue to dodge the onset and appearance of jowls, and my skin is brighter and tighter. The price point for the Rejuvenating Rich Moisture Cream is $100 for 1.7 ounces and to me this is a “middle of the road” price to pay for skincare of this quality, and a little product goes a long way.  The investment is so worth it, and especially for those with mid-life and mature and/or dry skin. If your goal is to arrest aging, you have to preserve your skin’s youthful life with a stem cell boosting frame of mind. 

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