The other day I walked into the Asian market with my friend SuChin so she could pick up a few things; some kimchi (pickled cabbage), sesame leaves, chocolate and this tiny little green and black bath cloth.  She asked me if I ever had a Korean body scrub, and said if I can bare it, I should definitely try out one of these little magical cloths. How could I resist? I bought a pack of two for $1.75.

Sometimes called a Ddeh Meeruh cloth, this small rag is not for the faint of heart. “Meeruh” means push, and  “Ddeh” means dead skin cells, and that's what this rough little mitt literally does. Now I’ve tried tons of body scrubs, and those natural scrubby mitts you can pick up at Whole Foods, but that’s all for babies compared to this mitt.  I’m not sure how many layers of my skin came off, but my skin has never been so incredibly smooth and soft as it is now! And it didn’t irritate my skin at all. All of the dead flakey wintry skin has been polished away. Even the little bumps I get on my thighs have been smoothed. My husband touched me the other day and was like “Wow, your skin is  crazy soft!”   I’ve been using it every few days for the past couple weeks. But I noticed a huge difference after just the first use.   And according to my friend, they last forever.

You use in the shower and you can use either long strokes or a circular motion. Be sure to use it AFTER you have rinsed the soap off your body. And of course, make sure you moisturize after the shower. At under two bucks, these amazing Korean mitts are probably one of my new favorite beauty finds.

P.S. SuChin just told me that sometimes she likes to put a little oil or moisturizer on it and then do a gentle exfoliation on her face.....light circles.  Be Gentle!

Editor's note: We also came across some exfoliating gloves from Daily Concepts thanks to our friends at Spa Week Daily.