I think I've discovered the world's most pampering grooming line. It's very specific to the body part: the nether regions. So they're really not being cheeky with the brand name, Kiss Down Under, but the cheekiness is a play on the famous phrase tagged with Australia, where the line hails from. Those crazy Aussies. So of course I had to check it out. Reluctantly I think, only because it is so weird. But I did get my hands on the Kiss Down Under Unisex Cleansing Wash. Thank goodness it's certified organic (another Aussie specialty).

Kiss Down Under Unisex Cleansing Wash is one of the first unisex grooming product lines specifically for "down under" so if you're relatively curious or adventurous, I would take a shot. It's all organic! It's mostly surfactants that don't irritate the skin, and there's natural menthol and spearmint oil that will give it that "refreshing" feeling. As I write this I realize how awkward it is. Tea tree oil—native to Australia—has plenty medicinal purposes, and for women, it's great for vaginitus. Men? Good for hemorrhoids.

While this is the most awkward post I've ever written, I'll go straight to how it felt. Tingly. Fresh. Clean. Nice.

Anyway, you can buy Kiss Down Under on its website should it catch your fancy.


Alkyl glucosides, purified water, cocoamidopropyl betaine, vegetable glycerin, natural menthol, tea tree oil organic, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, spearmint oil organic.