People are always making up odd inventions and for the most part, they don't really pan out. Most of them seem like gimmicks that leave me scratching my head and wondering "Does that actually work?" Enter Cathinka Chandler and quite possibly one of the oddest creations in recent memory. Like many women, she's tried creams to remove wrinkles on her chest and decolette area but wasn't making progress, so she began to think about the cause of the wrinkles in that area.

Chandler would sleep on her side, as many people do, but in doing so, gravity and the pressure of her breasts would cause wrinkles in her chest area. It was simple, any motion that squeezed her chest together for long periods of time would aid in wrinkling faster. To combat this, Chandler created the KUSH Support. The KUSH Support is essentially a mini plastic pillow that fits between both breast and acts as a support. This will help alleviate the pressure of one breast resting on top of another and possibly, help slow wrinkling in the decolette area.

It seems to be an interesting concept which has help bring it attention from numerous outlets.

So far, the KUSH Support has made it's way to several shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Wendy Williams Show, and The Doctors and despite people finding it a little funny, The Doctors did give it a nod of approval. It can be used by women in different scenarios but the ones most prominently noted are women with a C-cup and higher, women with breast implants, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. The KUSH support comes with a "slip-resistant surface" and is shaped in almost an hour glass form to fit more comfortably between a woman's breast.

The mini pillow of sorts runs for $19.99 and comes in multiple colors and there are also options for pregnant women, women with implants, and women with natural breast - though the only difference I can see between the three options are that different size KUSH's are offered.

The biggest cons it seems are that women with a smaller bust wouldn't find this effective and it may take some women some getting used to. We can't say for sure if this works as every woman's body is different, but it just might be something to look into if you're trying to possibly slow down wrinkles in the decolette area.