Good makeup is worth nothing if you don’t have the right tools to use it, which is why it is essential – to me at least – to own a variety of high-quality brushes. Decent brushes make a big difference in my makeup routine – both by ease of application and comfort. That being said, I am happy to report that La Vie Celeste’s new brush line is one I would definitely recommend!

I tested the Jumbo Buffer Brush ($34) and am extremely pleased with it. First of all (like all of La Vie Celeste brushes), the hairs are synthetic, so those committed to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics should definitely look into it. You would never guess it was synthetic – a true sign of a well-made brush. It is silky soft and does not smell or feel like plastic.

The Jumbo Buffer Brush is accurately named – it is very dense and great for really buffing in powder to get opaque coverage. It can also work for a dusting of finishing powder (I use La Vie Celeste Finishing Powder, $25) when using less product and softer application. Product clings to the hairs very easily – much more easily than my less dense powder brush – which reduces fallout during application.

The last thing I wanted to touch on is the price. At $34, I think it is extremely reasonable for the quality. Most high quality large face brushes start at $40 or $50 and continue to go up from there. With La Vie Celeste, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or savings. Just make sure to take care of it by spot cleaning daily and deep cleaning every few weeks to help it remain in good condition.