The term “chemical haircut” was foreign to me as I am only familiar with the traditional ones. It aroused interest after Lady Gaga noted that she tends to miss her dark hair when she says she has to “get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.” It was oddly put, but I couldn't figure out what a chemical haircut was.

I thought that she had some rogue way of cutting her hair that a simple person like me wouldn’t understand. Instead of scissors, maybe tubes of acids would be poured on to her hair, or maybe snake venom would be applied to her locks to get a special cut. It sounds odd but if you get Gaga, it’s right up her alley. After some research, I realized it was just a term in the beauty industry that has little to do with an actual haircut. When an individual keeps bleaching their hair, it gets damaged and begins to fall out. That is all it was.

Which would explain why her hair has been dropping.

There’s no question that she’s been over bleaching and it makes sense, Lady Gaga is clearly fashion conscious and her blonde locks have become a signature look. But the more I think about it, I can’t remember once seeing her dark roots sprouting forth which indicates that she’s constantly coloring. Going from a brunette to a blonde means that harsh chemicals are more than likely being used to achieve her beach blonde hair. In order to correct it, Lady Gaga may have to stay off of the color treatments for a while and slowly return to being a brunette. Perhaps even use some type of repair serum or conditioner to strengthen her hair.

And those who think that maybe she can don one of her famous wigs or two to cover it up,  think again. Wigs can cause friction and lack of circulation on the scalp and also damage hair. Granted, it’s not chemical damage but it is physical damage.

Other vices Lady Gaga is guilty of include going to bed with makeup on. She claims she does it seven nights a week and knows “that is not excellent for your skin” but doesn’t worry about it because she has good genes. It’s possible that she has fine pores, not very oily skin, and her skin isn’t easily irritated by external factors.

When she does get the makeup off, she uses Ivory soap because according to her, it’s “simple.” She has a point, it’s one of the mildest soaps on the market and the company boasts it’s 99.44% pure. With Lady Gaga’s success, it’s surprising that she continues to use the same soap she did as a child, especially with so many great brands on the market. This must just be a case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Along with a mild soap, Lady Gaga does get another thing right; she respects the sun. She is a big fan of sunblock and doesn’t believe in tanning because it can cause wrinkles. We aren’t sure what brand of sunblock she’s using, but being that she prefers simple ingredients, we’re hoping that she isn’t using something full of toxic ingredients. Aside from her outrageous outfits and lifestyle, her beauty regiment seems to be the simplest thing about her, hopefully we'll get more insight into her exact products soon.