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LATHER's Exfoliating Body Soap- reviewed and recommended

April 22, 2011 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments

I'm normally a great packer when it comes down to trips, but a last minute  travel arrangement left me in my bathroom throwing random things into a duffle bag. I felt like I was robbing my own house, even accidentally packing an air refresher which left my clothes smelling annoyingly like vanilla-lavender. I thought I had everything covered and then bath time came, that's when I realized that my soap had remained home.

Fear surged over me, not only would I have to shower with a bar the size of a dinner mint, I would have to be doing so with some obscure brand. I decided to just deal with it and check what they had to offer- mainly because I was too lazy to search for a drugstore. The hotels soap came from a brand called LATHER, in a modest 1.7 oz box that read "Exfoliating Body Soap Bamboo Lemongrass." I was immediately confused by the packaging which noted "this carton is made from 85% recycled materials and printed with soy-based ink."

Now this isn't exactly Pangea Organics which has packaging that can actually grow plants, but it did make me wonder about the manufacturer. If they cared about the outside of their products, surely they would care about what goes into their product.

After doing some research on a poor wi-fi connection that I "borrowed" from some nearby person, I realized that I was right. LATHER is an OK brand that we even reviewed and recommended here at TIA.

First and foremost, I tend to prefer soaps so while I had the option for a body wash or the soap, I chose the soap. Secondly, I hate soaps that don't lather which is why I fell in love with LATHER. After a few swirls on my skin, a rich, thick, white lather developed. I imagined that this is what it would feel like should you ever try to shower with a marshmallow.  The fragrant subtle smell of lemongrass filled the bathroom which was soothing to say the least since hate soaps that smell like obscure things like "sport" or "endurance." LATHER says that powdered oatmeal and bamboo powder help to gently exfoliate and at first, I didn't notice a great deal of difference, but then I felt it. The more you get into the bar, little specks (it looks like oatmeal) poke through and allow you to really turn the bar into an exfoliator. You can feel the soap gently scraping the skin but the soothing lather kind of makes it a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the specific bar I used anywhere on the web, but I did find something similar on LATHER's site  called "Exfoliating body soap w/oatmeal & bamboo extract." The site listed the ingredient list for this other bar of soap ($10 for 3.5 oz) and I was a little saddened to see  that  titanium dioxide was on there, something I would rather not have in my soap. However, when it all boils down, this was one of the few bars of soaps that made me actually feel squeaky clean after use while at the same time keeping me moisturized.

I think I will be "borrowing" some of the hotels LATHER products for the road, hopefully  they won't mind.

Ingredients in Exfoliating body soap w/oatmeal & bamboo extract:

sodium palmate, sodium cocoate, water (aqua), glycerin, avena sativa (oat) kernel meal, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), triticum vulgare (wheat) bran, bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem powder, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, citrus junos (yuzu) peel oil, bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem extract, titanium dioxide, sodium citrate, natural fragrance.

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