A recent New York Times article ruminates about the costly side effects of non-prescription eyelash growth stimulators, like Latisse (given an FDA warning last year) which they call a “cumulative risk” without the supervision of a doctor.

“…the drug can cause redness, itchiness and irritation, which go away if use is discontinued. Less common is eyelid discoloration, which Allergan, the manufacturer [of Latisse], says “may be reversible.” A rare side effect that has captured the most attention is the chance that one’s hazel or blue eyes could turn brown — forever.”

Yikes. The article questions that if its at the expense of your appearance and skin health, why are products like Latisse allowed to be obtained without a prescription at all? You would think different people are more susceptible to different risks and that can best be determined under a supervised setting. Instead, we have celebrities like Brooke Shields appearing on infomercials to promote that can cause heavy discoloration or irritation.

On the other hand, many people report lush results with Latisse. While we at TIA have long before warned our readers on the risk of the prostaglandin drug infused in Latisse and other eyelash enhancers such as Lilash (our readers report side effects and reviews are mixed) and Revitalash (and have suggested safer alternatives such as Nutra-Lift’s Lash Renue and CODE:ai, we’re interested in hearing what YOU have to think about products like Latisse.

Do you think it should be as easy to purchase as mascara, or should it be prescription-only? Is the warning label enough to leave to the consumer’s discretion? What would make you feel safer as a consumer if it were more heavily regulated by the FDA?