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Latisse and the price of long lashes

May 7, 2012 Reviewed by admin 17 Comments
A recent New York Times article ruminates about the costly side effects of non-prescription eyelash growth stimulators, like Latisse (given an FDA warning last year) which they call a “cumulative risk” without the supervision of a doctor.

“…the drug can cause redness, itchiness and irritation, which go away if use is discontinued. Less common is eyelid discoloration, which Allergan, the manufacturer [of Latisse], says “may be reversible.” A rare side effect that has captured the most attention is the chance that one’s hazel or blue eyes could turn brown — forever.”

Yikes. The article questions that if its at the expense of your appearance and skin health, why are products like Latisse allowed to be obtained without a prescription at all? You would think different people are more susceptible to different risks and that can best be determined under a supervised setting. Instead, we have celebrities like Brooke Shields appearing on infomercials to promote that can cause heavy discoloration or irritation.

On the other hand, many people report lush results with Latisse. While we at TIA have long before warned our readers on the risk of the prostaglandin drug infused in Latisse and other eyelash enhancers such as Lilash (our readers report side effects and reviews are mixed) and Revitalash (and have suggested safer alternatives such as Nutra-Lift’s Lash Renue and CODE:ai, we’re interested in hearing what YOU have to think about products like Latisse.

Do you think it should be as easy to purchase as mascara, or should it be prescription-only? Is the warning label enough to leave to the consumer’s discretion? What would make you feel safer as a consumer if it were more heavily regulated by the FDA?
  • February 25, 2016

    by Leslie

    I have been using Latisse for awhile now. I went to 2 times a week after the growth got to where I wanted it. I have purple eyelids, swollen eyelids,and my eyes drain in the middle of the night. I have decided to discontinue. I wish I could find something else that works.

  • March 5, 2013

    by Pinky

    I have alopecia. When my eyebrows fell out I started Latisse to ensure my lashes didn't follow. So far so good . . . no side effects yet.

  • March 5, 2013

    by melissa mantora

    I did use Fysiko for a year now. Results didn't start showing up until the end of second month. But now it made my eyelashes long and it also helped my eyebrows a lot

  • December 19, 2012

    by Susan Evitts

    Really unhappy with my puffy eyes from Latisse. I used it for several weeks with no problems. My lashes were long and I was pleased. I did notice a little redness starting to appear and backed off, using it a couple of times a week. I woke up a couple of weeks ago with puffy eyes and it hasn't gone away. My eyes are my best features, or at least they were. I look terrible now and feel that Latisse and these other products are pushed by the clinics. I was reluctant to try it for about a year and kept being pushed and pushed to try it. I'm to the point now where I don't want even botox anymore. I'm switching to more natural products and letting my face do naturally what it will. I'd rather look older and normal than be destroyed by products with side effects.

  • October 18, 2012

    by Roxanne

    I've been using Latisse for over a year, and have had spectacular results with no problems. I have black hair and dark eyes, and my naturally dark lashes are very long and lush--top and bottom. They seem to reach their max at about 16 weeks, and now I just do maintenance every few days.

    However, I want to add that I would never spend $125 a bottle! I buy it online, the generic version, for about $30. Some people have reported getting it from India fro about $10, but the shipping costs may even it out. Yes, the generic is available, and what's more, comes with a really nice little brush so you only use a tiny drop. The bottle literally lasts for months this way. So I am a pleased customer, but surely would not spend 4X the price for it.

  • October 18, 2012

    by Linda

    Hi there,
    Are you still using Fysiko? Can you please honestly tell me if it worked for you? It is expensive and I can't seem to find and honest review written only paid reviews. Thanks!

  • August 6, 2012

    by melissamantora

    I used lilash for about 8 months and didn't get side effects. I used latisse for 6 months no side effects as well. Now I am using fysiko and it doesn't bother me either. I guess some people have sensitivity? Anyways. I like how lstisse works and how fydiko works. Lilash is alright. But it is true that I fir not get hew lashes I just had existing ones longer...

  • June 3, 2012

    by Margy Davenport

    I used Latisse for the first time last night. When I woke up this morning my eyelids were really puffy. I'm concerned that if I continue I may cause damage to my eyes - this is more important to me that having long lashes. I'm a fair-skinned blonde with blue eyes - it's just too risky to think I could turn my blue eyes brown forever.

  • August 3, 2011

    by Martha

    I've used Latisse on and off for a while. I have the Red-eye/red lid/dark circle thing going on too, but I keep clinging to the hope that it will somehow dissipate, instead of worsening (I thought I read that somewhere). Funny -- I came on here to find out if anyone had found some sort of ultra-soother that will fix everything. Oh the irony! Sad, sad irony...

  • March 26, 2011

    by VaGirl

    I am using Nutraluxe Lash MD which is only $60 a tube and love the results. I get it from an aestetician. eyelids turn dark and I look like I haven't slept in weeks, and when I first start using it, my eyes tear at night a little. But it truly makes my lashes darker and longer.

  • February 13, 2011

    by inez

    ms. ivy.. i am having the same red - burn look although slight.. i can't find any info on internet until yours.. what did you use to fix it.. i did latisse to fight the age look.. but with red puffy scally makes it look wrinkled.. :(

    if you can please email me at i a o montgomery (all together) at yahoo . com

  • January 23, 2011

    by madeleine denise

    My eyelids are red and now I'm addicted to a creamy lid coverup but it's such a delicious feeling to have luxurious thick eyelashes. It's really natural in the way teenage boys have those wonderful lashes for awhile.

    I did stop for about three weeks and the red eyelid thing began to fade til it was a faint pink like eyeliner. Somehow that made me feel confident that if the red became a serious problem, coverup not a big deal, I could quit and it would reverse. My eyelashes over the three weeks became slightly less thick but still lush. The price is dropping and many places provide three bottles for 200-225.

    The thought of someone with non-brown eyes risking a permanent eye color change is just horrible.

    I don't use mascara and so happily (because of my contact lenses) I don't have to use another product to remove it and my eyes avoid that irritation.

    A surprising product. I throw out the nasty stiff brushes that come with it and use a soft eyeliner brush.

  • August 16, 2010

    by deedee

    has anyone noticed the new spokesperson Claire Danes for Latisse....her lashes long freakishly long...too unnatural in my opinion...eeww.

  • July 7, 2010

    by Madge

    I used Latisse at the recommendation of my plastic surgeon who had given me an upper and lower lid lift. The doctor was using the product, herself, as were her office staff and her nurse. They swore by it. As I began the second bottle there were noticeable improvements in the length, and the thickness of my lashes. One thing that surprised me was how much darker my lashes became. I am fair complected, blue eyes w/no brown flecks and an ash blond (gone mousy gray at 58 unless I get color). I loved my lashes! Then, about 5 bottles in, I began to notice a red band across my upper lids, close to the lash line. In other words, right where the Latisse gets applied. I was disheartened but continued to use the product. The redness got deeper and more noticeable. Finally, after 8 months I quit using Latisse, with much regret. It has been 8 months, at least, since I put any Latisse on my lids but the redness has only faded, not disappeared. I am resigned to the possibility that I will have this red eyelid look forevermore. My hairdresser raves about Lilash. She is a brunette with dark eyes, medium complexion. I was thinking of trying her choice of lash-growth product until I read that Lilash, too, contains prostaglandins just like Latisse. Right now I am using mascara but I don't like the result. I went to an aesthetician I trust and had her apply lash extensions. Within 3 hours I was experiencing an allergic reaction and the next day I had to have her remove the lashes. Apparently the adhesive is what I am sensitive to. By the way, having those lashes removed is painful!!!
    It looks like I am destined to have short, pale lashes no matter what the cosmetic industry invents. :(

  • June 21, 2010

    by Ivy

    Let me share my year-plus experience with Latisse: It really did lengthen my lashes--and in a lush, not weird, way. My eyelashes looked incredible and I was thrilled with the results. However, after several months of use--even with a break of several weeks in-between--Latisse made my eyelids and under-eye skin red, swollen, scaly and peeling--with light to moderate burning and itching to boot. I could cover most of it with makeup, but I ultimately had to visit my eye doctor and a dermatologist for treatment (an ointment that unfortunately took weeks to work), and it was really unpleasant and uncomfortable. It's a shame, because my latest $125 bottle of the stuff is nearly full, and the product does make your lashes longer.I guess I'm among the 4% of users who experience side effects, according to Allergan, but if you're not scared away by what I've written, you may want to try it.

  • May 12, 2010

    by Tamme

    I have been using latisse for several weeks. I have not had any adverse side effects, but notice my eyelashes closest to top where formula is applied are longer. Lashes underneath are not any longer. Giving the sparse look previously mentioned.

  • May 7, 2010

    by Marta

    I can tell when someone is using Latisse because the eyelashes are long in a supernatural way, but fine. In fact, I was at a dinner with an Asian woman who had been Latissed and her lashes were sparse, very long and much lighter in color than you would expect (as she has jet black hair). They did look strange. She said she has had no adverse side effects.

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