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Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Laurel Whole Plant Organics
March 9, 2015 Reviewed by Kim 0 Comments

When it comes to food, I think we can all agree that whole, unprocessed foods grown in soil steeped in nutrients without chemicals is the most nourishing for our bodies. And while the debate is out on multivitamins, no one would argue for popping pills over eating a home-cooked, balanced meal. You can take all the elements of a carrot — beta carotene, fiber, vitamin C — and mix it up in a jar, and a carrot you do not have. There's a certain magic and ancient intelligence in our natural food that can't be mimicked in a lab or through extraction. So what does all of this food talk have to do with our skin care? Well, Laurel, the founder and creator of a stunning skin care line Laurel Whole Plant Organics, takes the power of whole plants and harnesses it in her skin care. She believes (and I have to agree) that the most powerful healing and anti-aging tools we have reside deep within Mother Nature. And her biodynamic, raw, unrefined, whole-plant flower and herb ingredients speak to our a skin in a way that our skin best understands. And after having truly tested out her products, I can say that this ancient language of Mother Nature has been amazing to my skin.

Before I get into the products specifics, I'll let you know that I've been using her products exclusively for the past few months. The other day, over Skype, my mom asked what new products I'm using because my skin looked so glowly. And a few weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine asked me what I use on my skin. So I'll start with the bottom line: these products have been wonderful and truly effective. They've healed up irritations, and have helped my skin get stronger and more vibrant. Without a doubt.

Laurel's line consists of elixirs, serums and balms. I've never been a fan of balms before, but these are like no other. First off, they are a rich vibrant yellowy orange color (which blends in). Just the same way that foods come in a range of colors, and it's the color that is often credited for the antioxidant power. It does beg the question — why are all products, even natural ones, always white? The Day Balm is my favorite; its rich buttery consistency melts into the skin. My skin is instantly soothed, and supple. Plus, it smells absolutely divine. But I think the most transformative product for me is the Anti-Inflammatory Serum. When I started using the line I was suffering from mild, but consistent, dermatitis around my chin, which is essentially an inflammation flare-up. After using the serum the first night, the irritation definitely calmed down. But it wasn't until after a few weeks that it cleared up completely. And hasn't returned since! The serum uses Chinese skullcap, licorice, chamomile and astagalus, which according to the site "help reduce inflammation, soothe dry patches, treat broken capillaries, and reduce redness." This facial oil has been a healing miracle for me.

I've always been drawn to natural lines, but have never really considered them powerhouse anti-aging solutions. It seemed to me that you need the hardcore, breakthrough science for that. But as Laurel explains on her site, the strongest anti-aging ingredients — vitamin C, E, peptides, proteins, enzymes, copper, selenium, etc. — are all present and active within her whole-plant, unadulterated formulas. And it's keeping them in their natural state, as opposed to extracted, that allows them to communicate so seamlessly with our own skin. I am so taken by these heavenly formulas I felt compelled to share my secret with the TIA community.

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