It is hard to believe that Lauren Hutton is 67. Shall I spell that out for you – sixty seven. I am awed by her. Lauren Hutton seems to be aging so naturally and gracefully, but also with spirit and vigor. My kind of woman.

The Women’s Wear Daily group at Condé Nast recently launched a new magazine for the cosmetics industry called Beauty Inc. Hutton is on the cover with Ashley Smith, a newbie model almost 50 years her junior. The feature is called Gap, What Gap (which is cute considering they share a wide-toothed smile).

Hutton is candid in her Beauty Inc interview about being fired by Revlon at age 41 after a 10-year relationship - she was told women over 40 don’t wear makeup.

But what really resonated with me was when talked about reentering modeling at 46, after opening up a magazine for the first time in five years. “I couldn’t find anyone who looked like me,” she says. “My generation had become invisible.”

That’s worth repeating: “My generation had become invisible…..” I think that was sadly so true once.  Rather than disappear, so many women (at least if they had the means) felt compelled to have invasive procedures to keep them young looking. For those of us who didn’t want to be frozen in time, there didn’t seem to be much of an alternative but to get older. A Hobson’s Choice if ever there was one.

But what struck me was that we women over 40, into our 50s (in my case) and in our 60s and beyond are no longer invisible. We are living in the moment, embarking on new careers, reinventing ourselves and appreciating our own beauty as we never did before. We are growing older feeling better than ever and with a little help from a healthy diet, exercise and the best potions and lotions that we can find.

I reread the Beauty Inc interview with Lauren this morning and had the sudden realization that this is what underpins Truth In Aging and our fantastic community of inspiring women (and men!). We are not invisible and we damn well never will be.