Leslie Mann

Reviewed by Marta on August 7, 2015


Leslie Mann, actress and comedienne, is Jergens Skincare’s new brand ambassador. The announcement coincides with the launch of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer and the brand’s You’re More Than Just a Pretty Face campaign, which reminds women to care for one of their “oft-neglected beauty assets: the skin on their bodies”.

I couldn’t agree more with Jergens campaign’s sentiment. The vast majority of women spend a ton of money and time on caring for their faces and treat their bodies as a little better than a poor cousin, with a dab of mediocre body lotion and a smear of sunscreen. But Jergens, Leslie Mann and I part ways when it comes to Wet Skin Moisturizer.

“Possibly the brand’s most exciting breakthrough to date,” gushes the Jergens press release. Perhaps it is a breakthrough for Jergens, but in the world of body lotions, it is an all too familiar mix of mineral oil and copolymers that make it card to justify even a $7.99 price point.

Polymers are the second largest class of ingredients in cosmetics. (This tidbit comes from the University of Southern Mississippi, but frustratingly we are not told what the number one is – water, I’m guessing). They come in the form of thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers, destabilizers and so on. There are three in Wet Skin Moisturizer – outnumbering the two parabens. The only remotely beneficial ingredients are glycerin and sunflower oil.

I was initially happy to find some green tea near the end of the Wet Skin Moisturizer that I looked at. And then I noted that even Jergens doesn’t claim it is an active ingredient, but nothing more than the scent.