Lifeline Stem Cell Skincare Neck Firming Complex

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 19, 2016

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By Linda B.

Whether you are Taylor Swift or the young lady down the street from me, one day every woman will glance in the mirror, then move in a little closer for a better look and exclaim, "What's up with my neck?" It's a rite of passage we don’t wish for, and luckily for us, I have found topical help: Lifeline Neck Firming Complex ($180 in the shop).

Like most women my age (early 60s), this has been a continuous trouble spot. I have dropped a small fortune on lotions and potions that promised big and delivered little. Plus, living in Florida, there are a limited number of days I can wear turtlenecks and jauntily wrapped knit scarves. So I was thrilled to be asked by Truth In Aging to evaluate the Neck Firming Complex — a little skeptical, but hopeful nevertheless.

This product boasts peptides from fruit, vegetable and flower extracts, as well as probiotics, but the really interesting ingredient comes in the form of non-embryonic human stem cells, an exciting technology with many health and (now) beauty benefits. It's cutting edge and if the return of my swan neck is any indication, you're going to want to try this stuff, too.

After six weeks of testing, I observed much firmer skin and a more defined jawline. The fat deposits under my chin are still there, but I never expected those to disappear with a topical treatment. My point is that the skin is noticeably firmer and no — seriously no — crepiness remains.

The instructions say that two pumps twice a day will do the trick, but I found one pump sufficient to cover both my neck and décolleté. I then massaged it in, using upward strokes. I also appreciated that the packaging kept the ingredients from becoming compromised by exposure to air.

Will I purchase the Lifeline Neck Firming Complex again? Absolutely — and I enthusiastically recommend it!