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LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Dark Circles, Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes, Wrinkles
LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream
April 27, 2015 Reviewed by Darlene 0 Comments
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An effective eye cream that refreshes and rejuvenates the skin underneath the eyes, while smoothing out wrinkles and lines


Fills in wrinkles, locks in moisture and increases circulation under tired eyes


May be a little too pricey for some

At almost 62 years of age I don't expect to see any REAL BIG changes when I try a new skin product for my now dry, patchy skin or the beginning stages of my crepey eyelids, but I guess miracles can and do happen, if only on a temporary basis —  but that is still a good thing. I don't have crow’s feet, deep wrinkles, dark circles or sagginess under my eyes, that's my story and I'm sticking with it, but if I don't get a good night's rest or drink lots of water to keep hydrated, I do see puffiness. And when I smile deeply my eyes crinkle in the corners ever so lovely...not. Add to that, with a 10x magnifying mirror I also see the beginning formation of very fine lines, so I'm always looking for preventative measures and a good eye product to help abate the growing tide of age-related progression (deep sigh). For the most part I've been content with just using raw organic coconut oil because it's cheaper and natural, but going to bed with greasy-looking eye pits is far from attractive, no matter how well it hydrates or smells.

I was given two options for eye creams to review. I selected LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream ($90 in the shop), and I must say, I'm glad I did. The other product contained alcohol and I didn't want to subject my eyes to its drying effects — I don't need that type of help, thank you, no matter how good said product may be.

A Lil’ About the Product:

This eye cream is packaged in a small jar with a screw top and contains 0.5 oz of product. That doesn't seem like much, but it's so concentrated that a little really goes a long way. The cream itself is a light minty green color, giving it an appearance similar to a gel, but it is extremely light in texture. It has an almost buttery consistency to it, and I like its fresh, light fragrance as well. Someone noted that this eye cream is "extremely soothing to the eye area" and I totally agree with that — its creamy texture also makes it feel so deliciously moisturizing!

But First, Some Details:

Here is what's inside:

Key Ingredients:
Cell Protection Protein: Apparently an exclusive to LIFTLAB, this protein is derived from marine life that thrives in arctic waters. It is their secret that aids in their survival in the very harsh climate and fuels the CPP in LiftLab's product(s). It is "...scientifically proven to awaken the power within your skin, unprecedented in not only protecting cells and balancing skin’s moisture level, but also working within skin cells to promote our skin’s own natural ability for self-repair and regeneration".

• Additionally, CPP is "formulated with skin-firming ingredients to counteract the slowdown in collagen and elastin production that can begin in your mid-20s. Kollaren and Syniorage help to activate collagen and elastin production, while MDI Complex helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen. Specially selected plant extracts deliver anti-irritating benefits. Long-lasting moisturization and lipid barrier protection help to visibly firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Niacinamide and water-soluble vitamin P boost microcirculation to help diminish dark circles. Water-soluble vitamin P also de-puffs".

My Application:

I applied Lift +Firm twice daily — in the morning and at bedtime, but if I was going out after work, I simply refreshed my eyes with a third application very lightly to rejuvenate them. It seemed to re-energize the under-eye areas very nicely. It only takes a very small, dare I say tiny, drop — less than pea-size, in my opinion. A little truly goes a long way as it is richly concentrated, so if you over-apply be prepared to wait for it to fully absorb if you're intending to apply makeup immediately after.

Each time I applied the cream to my eyes I was pleased that my under-eye area felt fully moisturized and almost dewy — soft and smooth to the touch after each use. Again, the formula is particularly light so it works well with eye primer, concealer, eye shadows, etc., and it doesn't interfere with them in any way that I personally experienced.

Upon removing makeup and washing my face for bedtime, night time application felt cooling, almost soothing to my eyes. After just a tiny amount to each eye, I rarely felt the need for any additional product application.

My Thoughts:

This eye cream is simply wonderful IF you want to shell out over a hundred bucks for it. I find that to be my greatest complaint regarding it. For those of you who can, I think it may well be worth it as it may last as long as three months if used wisely, but that hinders me from giving it the absolute five star rating I think it deserves. It produced immediate results I could see and my eyes almost never appeared puffy or looked tired, especially when I did my part for staying hydrated, but, of course, that's MY vanity speaking. However, I did get compliments so that is a confirmation,  in my unbiased opinion.

After applying, I immediately felt its rich, moisturizing effects on my eyes — hydrating, soothing and smoothing them out. It's a great weekend cream to use under cucumbers or with tea bags as well, just let the eyes marinate in their combined collaboration and see how refreshing and energized they look afterward. Every morning I wake up and before washing my face I look in my mirror to see what my eyes look like and I have yet to be disappointed in what I see, and honey, that's saying something.

This is a keeper, no doubt, but the price is still a hindrance to me at this point. Does it deserve a five star rating? Absolutely. So if price is not a factor for you then consider this one a FIVE, but for me I have to give it a FOUR for that reason only. One other issue I cannot review on is for those with dark circles. I don't have them so I cannot say if this will work effectively on that issue, but I think it may give some improvements in that area as well. I do not know to what degree, if any, just my thoughts on it. I think this is an effective product that may very well produce some very nice long-term results if used daily over time, but I cannot vouch that everyone will have the same results as I did, we are all different and what hits for one, of course, can be a major miss for another.

But to reiterate on the pluses, if you're looking to fill in fine wrinkles, lock in moisture throughout your day, increase circulation under tired eyes and to look refreshed and hydrated in that regard, then this could be your answer and a great addition to your regimen. 

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