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Lilash Eyelash Stimulator gets mixed consumer reviews

July 3, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 54 Comments

When I was updating or roundup of eyelash and brow growth products, I noticed that our post on Lilash containing a prostaglandin had attracted a ton of comments - so many, in fact, that the feedback on whether Lilash works and what kind of side effects people experienced is probably statistically significant. These consumer reviews are a must read for anyone thinking about buying Lilash or any other eyelash growth product. To save you the trouble of sifting through them, here is a summary.

Twenty three people reported irritation after using Lilash. Most typically, the reaction has been red, swollen and itchy eyes. The extent varies, but for some people it is so severe that they give up using Lilash pretty quickly. However, there are many who report that the adverse reactions stop after a week or so and they continue Lilash use without any irritation.

It seems as if those that do persevere get the desired result of longer, thicker lashes. A total of 17 people said they were happy with the results of using Lilash.

However, there a few horror stories. I was shocked to find that a total of seven people reported that 'cheek hair' started to grow as a result of using Lilash and there are specific reports of new hair sprouting up somewhere between the cheekbone and lower lashes.

Less alarming, but nonetheless undesirable, is pigmentation. A total of seven Lilash users reported darkening skin or red lines where the product was being applied.

Ingredients in Lilash:
Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Seed Extract, Silica, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, 9 alpha, 11 alpha, 15S-trihydroxy-17-Phenyl 18, 19, 20-Trinor-prosta-5Z, 13E-Diene-1-oic acid, Isopropyl Ester.

  • January 31, 2018

    by Janet

    I used Lilash for 5 years and had fantastic results, however, I received a new tube in December and it’s not working. Lilash claim that the formula has not been changed, but something is clearly wrong with this batch, as I got some for my daughter and her friend and it’s not working for them either. They are refunding the money but I would have preferred that the product worked. I am now searching for an alternative.

  • January 31, 2018

    by Frances

    I'm the same as Kelly. I have used it for a few years and had no side effects and found it worked for me. This last batch however has done NOTHING.
    Does the body become immune I wonder? Or have they changed their formula?

  • January 21, 2018

    by Leah

    I have been using LiLash for 3-4 years now and had never encountered any problems in all that time. My lashes have been thick, full and long. Beautiful! I had started growing very fine hairs on the inner corner of my eyes that I would pluck occasionally but that never really bothered me. What has been bothering be for the last 6 months is my eyesight. I will admit I have never had the most razor sharp eyesight but I have been the opticians twice in the past 6 months to have my glasses changed due to rapid deterioration. I have been getting quite concerned about this but only when my Mum (who also uses lilash and for approx the same length of time) has said that her eyesight is deteriorating and she has never had any issues EVER! We have both stopped using Lilash and are interested to see if our eyesight will improve. I am currently waiting to see an ophthalmologist as I have been quite worried about my eyesight. Not wanting to put anyone off but I thought it was definitely worth sharing my experience

  • January 7, 2018

    by Austin Nestor

    !!!!BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT!!!!! As someone who wanted to stop using falsies, I decided to try out an eyelash serum to have better lashes. I researched plenty thinking I had found the best bet, but oh boy, I was beyond WRONG! At first, nothing was really going wrong; I didn't have itchy eyes, redness, or inflammation. Week 2, leading into day 10, my eyes had yellow spotting on the conjunctiva(top layer of eye protecting the sclera aka whites of your eyes). At the end of day 13, I noticed something was very off with my eyes, my conjunctiva now has WRINKLES. My eyes have always been complimented as looking as though they were made out of pure glass for how smooth and white they were and this product has DAMAGED my eyes(I am only 21, so no this is not a gradual aging problem). It is day 14, I am sending this product back, the absolute terror of this experience has scared me off from this product and potentially other products in the future. To anyone thinking about trying this lash serum, PLEASE CONSIDER BUYING A DIFFERENT ONE; It's not worth the damage, nor the surgery needed to correct this problem. DO NOT BUY.

  • October 13, 2017

    by Eloise

    A tale of caution; as I write this my eyelids are itchy, burning and swollen due to Lilash, despite the fact I stopped using the product 4 weeks ago. When trying new products of course there is a chance you may suffer a reaction but would certainly not expect adverse effects to continue for so long after ceasing use of the product. My eyes are fine for a few days, although they show a dark pigmentation along the lash line now which was not there before, then they become irritated and itchy and flare up again. I do not have 'sensitive' eyes, I have an interest in beauty and have worked in the industry so have tried a myriad of cosmetics and skincare products, this is the first time I have ever had an adverse reaction. Think twice before using it.

  • October 6, 2017

    by Brenda

    Have been using this for two months now with no results! Will keep on using anyway!

  • March 17, 2015

    by Kelly

    I started using this product in 2008, I've found for years that lilash worked very well for me, till last year. I thought maybe I got an old batch, but since I've ordered three more, I've found this product has stopped working for me. I use it just about every night. Was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?

  • January 29, 2015

    by Lynn

    Further to my previous comment I have received my refund and am very happy with their prompt service. In view of this it's certainly worth a try as you haven't got anything to lose. Would have still preferred for it to work though :(

  • January 21, 2015

    by Lynn

    After 2 months of using this, it hasn't made one bit of difference apart from darkening the skin around my eyes. It's going back, now I will see how good they are about the refund.

  • August 19, 2014

    by Marianne

    I've used the product in the past, when I could by it locally, and from the company directly, and it worked extremely well. My lashes grew so long they reached my eyebrows, and I had "trouble" wearing sunglasses, the lashes kept hitting the lens :) I'm not sure whether it was serum or stimulator. When I tried to reorder and they wouldn't ship to the US any more, I found some on Amazon, but that definitely was fake, because it didn't work at all. I've just ordered some via as per Michelle's recommendation. In the meantime I found another product, but that one hasn't worked, I hope I'm getting the real thing via Overstock. I'm wondering whether the product "brings back" lash length as they used to be when I was younger, because I have friends who've tried it and were happy with the results but their lashes never got as long as mine.

  • May 1, 2014

    by Melanee

    I was reading through the comments posted and diane mentioned that lilash stimulator is not the real product. I started using LiLash back in 2010 and saved my boxes and containers and they all say stimulator not serum and I loved the results I had. I stopped using it in 2012 and wanted to start up again. I went online and noticed most of the boxes said serum. I think older LiLash was Stimulator and newer LiLash is Serum. By the way my application brushes were all orange. I went ahead and ordered the serum thinking it's newer I hope it's not fake and it works as great as the stimulator did when I used that.

  • March 11, 2014

    by Michelle

    Li lash is amazing. I burnt the tips off all my eyelashes on my left eye and it was noticeable. I have fair hair that is not the strong and grows very slow and I panicked because I with mascara it was extremely noticeable.

    Basically I went online and bought li lash from they dont not ship to the USA so you have to go through another company to get it. A lot of li lash being sold is fake so be careful you don't get scammed. Read reviews and all that.

    I have only been using it for about 3 weeks and I am seeing incredible results. Most people don't see results till about 4-6 weeks but I use li lash everyday and dont wear as much mascara and my eyelashes are a lot longer. Whats funny though is since my eyelash tips were burnt off on only one eye my eyelashes on both eyes are long now but still uneven. lol

    ONE issue. the li lash makes my eyes a little puffy. Im going to take a break from using it so my eyes can get a break. Since my eyelashes are long now I can also use the product less.

  • January 20, 2014

    by Kelly

    Second use of this product and about an hour later my eyes are bloodshot and the top of my eyelids where I applied it is completely purple. Wtf i don't know what's wrong and I'm done using this I'm honestly scared

  • October 13, 2013

    by Crystal

    I'm a female age 47 and have been using Lilash serum for almost 4 years. It has always worked great and now all of sudden it's not. My lashes have gone back to the way they were before I started using this product. I'm still using it as I always have, but it's not working for me anymore. I can only assume that my body has built up a tolerance for it and just today I purchased a new product to try. It was fabulous when it worked and I'm so sad to lose my beautiful lashes.

  • July 1, 2013

    by diane

    Lilash Stimulator is not the real product. The real product is lilash serum. Do NOT buy lilash Stimulator because that is a knock off of the real product. Just an FYI!

    Also the application (brush) should be a light orange color. If the brush is white and it's lilash (not lilbrow), then you have bought the fake knockoff an should report it immediately.

  • May 31, 2013

    by Cortney

    I've been using LiLash for a little over 8 weeks now and I LOVE it! However, I do sometimes experience itching shortly after applying it. It's never lasts long and it's not overly uncomfortable, so I don't let it deter me. I also have experienced darkening of the skin, but for me it's been right where I would apply eyeliner, so I haven't minded. It just makes it so I don't have to apply eyeliner!

    Other than those, I have experienced no other side effects. And my lashes look so fabulous! I had them tinted and combined with the darker line above my eyelashes where I would be applying eyeliner, I literally don't have to put on makeup anymore. (Unless its a special occasion, of course.)

  • May 24, 2013

    by Martha

    I have been using the product for 6 months and still have some left. It has been amazing for me. My eyelashes have grown a lot where everyone who sees me asks if I'm wearing false eyelashes. I have had no irritation, discoloration, nor hair growth in any weird places on my face. I am totally happy with the product.

  • May 21, 2013

    by ceci browning

    I purchased one tube of le lash and my eyelashes grew very long, I probably went 2 weeks before buying the next tube, but it didn't work my eyelashes would not grow. has anyone experienced this and why? is there a knock off to le lash

    hope some one might know.

  • March 25, 2013

    by Jessica

    I have been using LiLash for about 4 months now and loved it at first but now my left eyelashes don't seem to be growing. I feel like they keep falling out if I don't use almost everyday and now I have noticed my eyes get blurry even wtih my contacts in.....not sure if its caused from this product or not but am going to go to they eye doctor to find out. So bummed if taht is the case

  • March 10, 2013

    by Kathy

    I bought LiLash and used it 1 night and the next morning my eyes were blood shot and I looked like my lids were purplish and darkened as well as under my eyes! I will not use it a gain and sick SICK that I spent that much money on it!!!! WHAT a waste!!!

  • January 15, 2013

    by m morrow

    I purchased Lilash about a week ago from local salon. I have experienced itching, very red, dry eyes, and blurred vision! I also have dark circles under my eyes. All of this for longer lashes?? A co-worker even asked if I had pink eye, and another worker said I looked tired. 2

  • December 24, 2012

    by Kathleen

    I have been using LiLash about 6 months now and I had stopped using it about a month ago. After a month of using LiLash, my lashes were so long they were touching my sunglasses! So about a month ago I stopped using it for a couple of weeks and now my eyelashes are falling out in clumps! OMG! So I decided to google this product to see any similar complaints! And guess what? I'm not the only one. I just hope I get my eyelashes back to normal.

  • December 14, 2012

    by sheryl grace

    I've been using lilash for a couple on months and i had noticed my eyelids has changed colour to a dark brown and just today have noticed the cheek hair i will not continue using this especially after reading other peoples reviews that cheek hair can be a side effect,i would have never used this product if i had known this beforehand not worth getting the side effects especially the hair on the cheeks,ill just stick with my short lashes.

  • November 10, 2012

    by mandy h

    I am using it and it is expensive, but tube is large, it has several months supply. It works just like latisse but its natural. I really like it

  • October 18, 2012

    by Linda B

    Hi Mandy H,

    Are you using Fysiko and getting results? I want to buy it but it's expensive. It'll be worth the money if it works...

  • July 24, 2012

    by MandyH

    I love Lilash, but the only problem is that it only lengthen my eyelashes, I was looking for something that make eyelashes fuller. There are two products that do just that - Latisse and Fysiko. Latisse is more expensive and needs prescription, I think Fysiko is better deal

  • August 16, 2011

    by Marta

    Thanks Nancy. Let us know how you get on with Code:ai.

  • August 16, 2011

    by Linan Yang

    Hi Marta,

    I wish I had more power but I am just an individual..I feel that NO ONE should use this product. It's so dangerous and I can't believe it's for sale still! The things women will do for vanity...

    I used Lilash and yes, I got great results, but the side-effects are just too dangerous to continue the product. I'm still dealing with the side effects of Lilash and it's been 2 years later!

    I got blurred vision, hairs on the cheek, red irritated bumpy lids, dark red circles underneath the eyes, and major lash fallout after one year.

    See my blog to see the results and my complains...

    Thanks again Marta for all your hardwork and finding the safe products for us. Just FYI I ordered the per the suggestion on your website.


  • December 1, 2010

    by Stephanie

    I used this product for 6 weeks and started to develop a reaction.. It has been now 2 months since I stopped using the product and still getting the same reaction coming up. I had thick area in different parts of my upper eye. It seemed like it is almost ingrown hairs. It feels like I have been punched in the eye. Its red in just one little area but the area will migrate. I asked the salon lady who has been selling it and she said she has heard of my same reaction and she said it would go away after I stopped using it but it seems to keep moving around on my upper eye lids. I am hoping it goes away soon. It works for some and not for others my mom and sister didnt have a reaction to it, but I did.

  • November 3, 2010

    by Apolo

    I have had a similar experience. I started with Revitalash and had a burning red eyes and stopped using. Heard about Latisse but then listened to the advertised side effects and that scared me off. Then my girlfriend gave me a tube of LiLash and told me that they advertise "no irritation" BUT I had immediate swelling of my eyelids that resulted in a red/puplish color. It took ice, advil and a week before they returned to normal. NO MORE PROSTAGLANDINS for me-- they are not worth the risk!!! Rapid Lash is worse. My dermatologist told me that they have use a prostaglandin that is used by Veterinarians in farm animals- very scary- no wonder its cheap. I just found another one from my salon that is all natural and my stylist has had great results without irritaiton or side effects---so I am trying it and will keep you posted.

  • August 31, 2010

    by Mary

    Hey Tricia...I was reading the comments on this site, and I was thinking the same thing. It seems a bit suspicious that everyone is trashing Lilash, while they have nothing but good things to say about Revitalash. Nope. Not obvious at all................

  • August 26, 2010

    by Tricia

    I find it interesting that I have a similar review on one of my mom blogs about LILASH and yet an increasing number of people I do not know have been commenting about REVITALASH. When I have responded to the email addresses to see how they found out about my site, the email addresses bounced. I'm starting to wonder if Revitalash isn't comment spamming all of the blog posts about LiLash.

  • July 12, 2010

    by abbeygail

    ive been very careful in buying beauty products especially near to my eyes coz i have very sensitive skin and finally i found one. RevitaLash worked really well for me no itchiness and skin irritations and i can see the difference its amazing!

  • July 8, 2010

    by SeanaMarie

    Hi Mariesiedle! You are absolutely correct. Revitalash is the only reason why my brittle and dull lashes, are now looking fuller, darker and healthier. I've been using it for a year and a half for now and noticed the changes after 5-6 weeks of using it. You'll just have to be patient and that's all it takes.

  • June 20, 2010

    by mariesiedle

    I don't know about other brands yet and their price is way beyond my price range as well. For now I am using revitalash eyelash conditioner as what was advised by a friend and guess what??! I was like amazed with how my lashes enhanced naturally. Looking fuller and darker which made a big difference to my face. I'm loving revitalash and can't wait to get for another tube. Well latisse is too expensive for me, way beyond my price range. I've been using revitalash eyelash conditioner and had an amazing experience with the results. I've been using it for a year now and it's where i found satisfaction with how my lasher are right now. I can't wait to get another one.

  • June 11, 2010

    by Sandra

    I tried a lot of eyelash enhancers but none worked and just irritated my eyes. I was about to quit this fantasy to have fuller and longer lashes till a fried told to try Revitalash. So i tried it and was really surprised at the results.
    I never would have imagine to it work. It took 8 weeks to see the difference on my lashes but its really worth the wait. I did not see any signs of itchiness and irritation that's why i keep on using it this day. I though there's no more change to have wonderful lashes! Now i very proud and confident with the changes on my face. Great job Revitalash

  • February 6, 2010

    by elana

    I also bought 3 weeks ago. There doesn't seem to be much product in the tube. I emailed them to ask if this was normal and no response. The brush comes out quite dryish with no product really visible. My eyelashes do seem a bit longer but no extra volume noticed. Anyone have this experience?

  • February 2, 2010

    by lydia wood

    Im still waiting for tis product to show up! They dont answer emails! buyer beware!

  • November 10, 2009

    by Vivianne

    I bought my first tube of Lilash in March 09 started using and had some irritation the first week. Then I SLOWLY noticed longer thicker lashes, I stopped using it around June because they were getting TOO CURLY!! Then they got better, then they started falling out! I used it again and things went back to good, to normal... nice thick lashes... I stopped using it again last month and I have noticed they are falling so badly! I remove my make up and 4 lashes fall out! and I woke up one day with red puffy DRY eye lids! they burn.. I didnt associate it with lilash, I even thought it was because I stopped it, and I purchased it again yesterday!! Now I read this and it all makes sense.. I dont know what to do to cancel the order or get my money back And a week ago I noticed about the cheek hair too! its not so obvious, only if you really look in the mirror with light, but still... what if it gets worse?! OMG I dont know what to do? I dont want to feel like I just threw 139 dlls to the trash!! HEEEELLP

  • November 8, 2009

    by michelle

    I have had a similar experience. I started with Revitalash and had a burning red eyes and stopped using. Heard about Latisse but then listened to the advertised side effects and that scared me off. Then my girlfriend gave me a tube of LiLash and told me that they advertise "no irritation" BUT I had immediate swelling of my eyelids that resulted in a red/puplish color. It took ice, advil and a week before they returned to normal. NO MORE PROSTAGLANDINS for me-- they are not worth the risk!!! Rapid Lash is worse. My dermatologist told me that they have use a prostaglandin that is used by Veterinarians in farm animals- very scary- no wonder its cheap. I just found another one from my salon that is all natural and my stylist has had great results without irritaiton or side effects---so I am trying it and will keep you posted.

  • October 31, 2009

    by patrice podvoj

    I tried the LiLash and experienced nothing significant other than a red/purplish hue above the lid. I also noticed a client of mine who is using Jan marini came in the other day and her lashes looked great but I noticed her lids also looked purplish/red and when i commented she said it's because of her allergies. But I don't know. I've tried Revitalash and got a somewhat OK response. Talika no good; and now on Rapid Lash which I bought from Costco. If that does not work I'll try the one from Skin Actives.

  • October 29, 2009

    by Bonnie

    Linda, Your experience sounds much like mine. I'm 70 and was very pleased to have longer lashes. But I do believe they have changed the formulation and now the product is completely ineffective. I'll be looking for another product.

  • October 29, 2009

    by Bonnie

    I used a tube of Lilash and was very pleased with the results. So I reordered when they offered me a discounted price for two tubes.
    Don't know what change was made but it now has no effect and while using it I have lost the benefits from the first tube I used. Tried to get a refund but they just sent me two more tubes which were also ineffective. Now, they do not respond to my e-mails. Would have recommended this product highly until I got their "sale" product, now I'd just like to get a credit to my account and I won't be doing business with them again.

  • October 12, 2009

    by marta

    Welcome Laura. Here's our <a href="" rel="nofollow">Five Best</a> and I've also been getting good results with <a href="" rel="nofollow">Hydropeptide</a>.

  • October 12, 2009

    by Laura

    I bought my first tube of LiLash 5 months ago and have no negative side effects. My eyelashes are significantly longer and and I no longer have to curl them. I also bought the LiBrow but did not notice a significant difference. I've not tried anything else but will check your site for other recommendations. I've already ordered my second tube but after reading others comments I may switch to something else, but at the hefty price will eventually go back to it.
    Marta, I just discovered your website and look forward to tryin some of your recommendations.

  • October 10, 2009

    by marta

    Hi Linda, there are several good eyelash growth products that do not have prostaglandins. See our <a href="" rel="nofollow">Five Bes</a>t suggestions and there is also <a href="" rel="nofollow">Hydropeptide</a>, which I am personally using and have found it is safe and works. And we have a <a href="" rel="nofollow">roundup of all the eyelash products</a> and if they are safe and work.

  • October 10, 2009

    by Linda Seaward

    I recently purchased my 2nd tube of Lilash since I was very satisfied with my first purchase a year and a half ago. My first experience was without side effects - no stinging, discoloration etc. At that time first thing I noticed was my lashes were getting so long - and that was within 3 weeks of using the product. I have now been using this tube for 6 weeks and I have noticed nothing of the sort. (I have not used any Lilash for the past 8 months - so it is out of my system.) With this product I have noticed a difference in consistency - much thinner, some burning upon application and also some redness surrounding my eyes. So I decided to google Lilash to see if there had been a change in formulation and I found your forum here with your info. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post this information. I'm going to dump my tube and look for something else - I'm too old to go thru this crap!!!! I suppose at 60 I'm lucky to have lashes!! Thanks.

  • October 6, 2009

    by marta

    Hi Farida, you are right. The new formula has coloidal silver which can cause a skin condition called argyria where the skin goes blue/gray. Chlorephenesin can be an irritant and is restricted in Japan. Here the FDA discourages it in products used by nursing mothers or small children. And, of course, it still has prostaglandins. Good to see the back of the parabens though.

    Old formula: Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Seed Extract, Silica, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, 9 alpha, 11 alpha, 15S-trihydroxy-17-Phenyl 18, 19, 20-Trinor-prosta-5Z, 13E-Diene-1-oic acid, Isopropyl Ester.

    New formula: Purified water, Panthenol, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Seed Extract, Silica, Glycerin, Coloidal Silver, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, 9 Alpha, 11 Alpha, 15S-trihydroxy-17-Phenyl 18, 19, 20-Trinorprosta-5Z, 13E-Diene-1-oic acid, Isopropyl Ester, Hydroxyethylcellulose.

  • October 5, 2009

    by Farida

    I have just recieved my second tube of Lilash and reading the new list of ingredients, I noticed the formulation has completely changed. Can you comment on the efficacy of this new formulation? It no longer contains the 5 parabens and has added hydroxyethylcellulose and chlorphenesin. I was previously happy with the results and several friends purchased but have experienced irritation.

  • October 2, 2009

    by Frostlili

    I am on my 2nd bottle of Lilash (almost 2 years of use) and have dark discoloration (like bruising) around my eye area as a result. I also have noticed the hair around my cheek bones to my lower eyelashes are thicker and longer.

    I can't believe I am still using it! I am looking for another alternative but still have a lot of product left. Does anyone know if the discoloration around the eye area fades? I am concerned as it looks like I have been crying or been beaten up. I have to wear makeup all the time now.

  • September 27, 2009

    by Jena Slinde

    I've been using Lilash for a year & a 1/2. The only thing I've noticed besides longer thicker lashes is if I stop using Lilash for a week or more, my lashes will fall out leaving me to start all over. There have been times my lashes have gotten so long I've had to actually cut them down but all in all, I've had no problems w/ this product.

    Admittingly, the things I've read just now are quite disturbing & I may consider switching out products as I wear contact lenses & go in yearly to have my eyes checked for glaucoma. This piece of information would've been useful when I first started researching lash growth products over a year ago.

  • September 22, 2009

    by Audrey Widgers

    The side effects that I heard about Li Lash discouraged me. My salon suggested that I use Revitalash... I'm on my 5th week now and got no side effects. The best part is, my friends compliment me on my thick, long lashes!!!

  • August 29, 2009

    by Tracie

    I used Lilash for exactly six days. Around day three I developed extreme light sensitivity and weird dark reddish-purple undereye circles. By day seven (after six nights of Lilash application) the dark circles were so bad that I stopped using the product. I have never experienced or seen anything like them.

    A little research (in medical/glaucoma forums, not beauty forums) revealed that it's the prostaglandins that cause the dark circles, patches of dark skin around the eyes, and the hair growth on the cheek, with Lumigan (found in Latisse) far and away the worst offender. The problem will continue or get worse as long as you use the product. I couldn't find any definitive info on whether the dark circles always fade. I do know that it took forever for mine to fade away, and I used this product for only six days.

    I think this is important information for possible users to know, as Lilash is not forthcoming about the included prostaglandin on their website or the literature included with purchase.

  • July 3, 2009

    by Chantal Stone

    Thanks for your report. I researched eyelash growth products on-line, read a lot of reviews and ended up buy Revitalash. Apparently, it was one of the first products on the market. My lashes look amazing (it's been 9 weeks). I haven't had any side effects and you can buy it on-line for a great price. They also make a mascara that I've read is the bomb!!!

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