Lily Herbceuticals comes from founder Lily Kruel which is a woman of many achievements which include Chinese Herbalist, American-Educated Economist and Chemist, Pioneer of Luxury Beauty Products, Successful Business Owner, Supportive Wife and Loving Mother. With all that experience, Kruel put together a team including scientist, professors, and herbalist. The end result was Lily Herbceuticals.

The Good:

This brand has been featured on ShopNBC which has made it quite popular and there are a lot of products from the line. The company does use some interesting ingredients and then some, maybe even some that have yet to be explored fully by modern science. Also, her products are paraben and photochemical free.

The Bad:

First off, if you don’t know Chinese eastern medicine, you aren’t going to know a lot of the ingredients in Lily Herbceuticals. Even worse off, you aren’t going to know what they’re doing there. The products have enough ingredients for four or five normal products. Another issue is that there’s something called a) The Chief,  b) The Deputy, c) The Assistant, and d) The Convoy in every formula. Our commenter Jane explained it with “This is of a “hierarchy”. Starting with the great “Chief” whose ingredient makes the greatest effect. Then you have “Deputy” ingredients that aid the Chief and remove any impurities. Than the “Assistants” who reinforces the effect of the chief or deputy. Last, the “Convoy” who effects harmonizes and integrates the actions of the others.”

Maybe I’m too naïve but it seems more like a gimmick than anything else. I don’t really care who the chief or deputy is in my potato salad so I sure won’t mind in a cream. Also expect added coloring and silicones to be found among the ingredients.

The Truth:

Marta had a hard time finding the purposes of ingredients in the Safflower Instant Wrinkle Repair but maybe in some strange way they work together to have a benefit. We have yet to try the brand but results and testimonials from the Lily Herbceuticals site seem to be promising. If you’re looking to get into brands with an emphasis on herbals, this may just be one to see.