Truth #18: Finding the perfect lip color is mostly about personal preference.

To continue with our series on the most common question I get asked from readers, “how do I find my perfect color?” we move on to lipsticks. There’s good news and bad news on this one for those of you on the quest for the ideal shade.

The good news: There are literally thousands of options for lip colors you can wear.

The bad news: There are literally thousands of options for lip colors you can wear.

Do you see the dilemma here?

I would love to be able to spit out color recommendations like a computer system with an advanced algorithm formula to offer the best shade unique to every woman. The truth is I can’t. Even as a professional makeup artist, I mix and layer and blend, wipe off and re-apply until I get what I feel is the exact hue I am looking for to complement the face I’m working on, the mood of the occasion, and the wardrobe.

Add to that, we all have different skin chemistry. When trying new lip colors, some of you may have experienced a “shade change,” in which the product appears to be one color in the tube, but looks like a completely different color once it hits your lips. Those who tend to have a “shade-changing” function to their mouth find that they have to try on every color for fear that it will go on more orange, more pink, more red or brighter than what the color first appears to be.

In my years of giving lessons to women and clearing through their makeup bags, I can also say that the majority of us tend to stick with the same two shades and just continue to buy multiple versions of it. Even though we go hunting for something new and spicy, we usually come away with something familiar and comfortable.

Oftentimes the second color in a woman’s makeup bag is really her “nighttime” lipstick, which she barely wears and doesn’t feel that amazing in when she does. She just figures she needs a darker shade for a more dramatic look and so she has it just in case. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

Well, ladies, there is more to life than dusty rose and burgundy! You may feel ridiculous in Barbie pink, but why not try a touch of tangerine, incidentally the trendiest color for this spring? Or be bold and go for a red. This article will help guide you through that process as well.

If you want to try out a new color but aren’t ready to go bold, reach for a new gloss or a lip tint. This way, the color is sheer and makes a more subtle statement. You can even layer colors to soften, warm, or even cool the base lip color. Primitive Makeup has an all-natural lipstick in gold called Taj Mahal that adds warmth and a bit of gold sparkle to rev up any familiar shade of lipstick.

The verdict here: There is not one perfect color (nor even two perfect colors) to wear on your mouth. There are thousands! It all depends on the look you want to achieve and your willingness to try something outside of the box to really maximize your lip potential.