It is the season of weddings, graduations and reunions. Exciting, an excuse to shop, and a chance to see people we care about. But there’s also the pressure to look your best. Reunions are the worst. There is the incontrovertible logic that if you wanted these people in your life then you wouldn’t need a party to reunite you. Still, there is a gruesome curiosity that propels us to these events. You will be scrutinized by people whose image of you is frozen in time. You need to be looking not only your best, but better! Left it too late? Panic not. Here’s the seven-day countdown to looking your best for that special event.

Day 7 - Start firming things up

Start using LED and – even better – LED and ultrasonic. This is probably the single biggest bang for your buck that you are going to get. They plump and firm the skin like nothing else. Although it is recommended to have no more than three to four at home LED sessions a week, daily use for one week (15 minutes will suffice, but don’t go longer than 30 minutes) will give you the kick start that you need. Alternatively, a salon LED or ultrasound treatment the day before the special event would also be a great investment if funds permit. Read more on the Truth Renew Ultrasonic & LED Anti-Aging System ($109).

Day 6 - Step up your beauty routine morning and night

Few serums give instant results, but my experience with AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum ($149 in the shop) is that a week will give visible improvement. I’m not saying you’ll see a dramatic transformation, but I found I looked better after only a few days. This may be more to do with the glycerin and lactic acid than the key active (I would think that human conditioned media would take a few weeks to start to work). Even so, there is some short-term gratification and the knowledge that long-term collagen will be stimulated. In the meantime, stubborn areas of sun-damaged skin can be helped with my new find Prana Reverse A ($48 in the shop), best used at night as it has vitamin A. I would also recommend using the most hydrating moisturizer you can lay your hands on – especially at night – in the hope of attaining dewy skin. Eslor Active Night Cream ($95 in the shop) would fit the bill and it makes a very nourishing cream for the neck and decollete.

Day 5 - Exfoliate

Refresh your complexion and tighten pores with a glycolic mask or peel.  You can squeeze in another one on Day 3 as well. I like Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel and La Vie Celeste Restorative Exfoliating Gel Mask ($60 in the shop). Another option would be Your Best Face Prep Microdermabrasion ($80 in the shop), which combines a mask, scrub and antioxidants. All of these will give you the basis for clear, dewy skin.

Day 4 - Eye rescue

Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop) lifts and firms the lids and eye area while also smoothing crepey wrinkles and fading dark under-eye circles. Another favorite of mine, AQ Skin Solutions Eye Serum ($99 in the shop), effectively diminishes crow's feet, wrinkles and fine lines, as well as lightens and tightens the eye area with a concentrated formula of Matrixyl 3000 and Human Growth Factors.

Day 3 - Correct your complexion

Even out blotchy skin tone and redness with Sevani Complexion Corrector ($39 in the shop). I’m amazed by how quickly this kicks in. It seems to give relief to inflamed skin almost instantaneously and within three days makes for a calmer and more radiant countenance. A light spray that mercifully avoids the need to layer on yet another cream.

Day 2 - GeFed">Need I Glow Morelooks natural and even and is relatively easy to use.

Day 1 - Final touches

For a last-minute glow, Royal Nectar Face Mask with Bee Venom ($68) is a must. I use this whenever my skin needs a pick me up and I even get husband compliments. Lip plumpers give instant gratification and take more years off than mascara. So make sure you have one in your purse! I like jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper ($25).