Among the things I was sure I’d leave behind when I transitioned from teen to adult was my daily struggle with hyperactive oil glands. A true double-edged sword, the blessing is skin that has aged more slowly than other skin types, but yet is cursed with breakouts, congested pores, and the seemingly ever present shiny face. It’s a daily battle. At work I keep toner and cotton balls in a drawer, blotting papers are stashed in the car console and, in a pinch, tissues help swipe away the excess oil.

I recently decided to take a different approach and asked the TIA staff to keep me in mind when they have a face oil to try out. Instead of beginning the day with a squeaky clean freshly washed face that would soon become oily, I would apply a light face oil after cleansing to hopefully prevent my skin from producing excess oil throughout the day. They soon sent me L’uvalla Argan Oil Serum (1oz/$55) to give a try. An anti-aging serum composed of only six ingredients: four organic oils (argan, lavendin, ylang ylang, and rose geranium), vitamin E and lotus flower extract.

On my first use, I dispensed a few drops into my hand and warmed it between my palms before applying to my face and neck. As might be expected from the ingredients list, this has a nice lavender scent that disappears shortly. This is not a super light oil, so it doesn’t absorb quickly or completely into the skin. Instead, it seemed to sit mostly on top of the skin for about an hour after application. I used less the second time around, counting out only two drops and warming between my palms to aid application. After repeating this for five mornings I determined it was not the amount I used, but the oil itself. It is a rather rich oil that just takes time to skin in, but won’t completely. Hence it left my skin with a slight oily feel and a bit of sheen – just what I didn’t want to begin my day with.

Although it wasn’t working out as I had hoped for use during the day, I did want to see what benefits it might give me so I began to use it at night. The directions don’t specify when to use, so to allow it to absorb I applied the oil to a clean face about an hour before bed. After a couple of weeks of nightly use I could see that it seemed to hold in moisture, kept my skin soft and improved the color (making it look fresher).

Although this didn’t quite work out for my needs, I think it would work well for anyone dealing with dry skin issues.

Ingredients: Organic Argan Kernel Oil, Organic Lavendin Oil, Lotus Flower Extract, Tocopherol, Organic Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Flower Oil