"When luxury meets nature at your skin" is the slogan of Luxtural, a one-year-old skincare brand launched by a former flight attendant with a beauty product obsession. The line, which focuses on skin hydration, is already a media darling and self-professed favorite of fresh-faced celebs like Angelina Jolie, Joy Bryant, and Debra Messing. Based on ancient wisdom and holistic medicine, the cornerstone of Luxtural lies in pristine rainwater from the Pacific Coast. This key ingredient, combined with exotic extracts and natural moisturizers, inspire the stars to shell out $414 for its set of three products.

Promising the fountain of youth in the form of eternal hydration, the Mystique Fountain Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist ($78) is the first step in Luxtural's recommended skincare regimen. Whether you use it as a makeup primer or spritz it as a refreshing tonic throughout the day is your choice. It is said to prepare the skin for moisturizer and feel like a velvety mist of ocean water. Suitable for all skin types, the spray hydrator (housed in an airless pump for hygiene and convenience) tones, calms, and cools skin while reversing environmental damage.

Part of its foundation in holistic science is Luxtural's use of unadulterated rainwater, as opposed to mundane filtered water or (the horror!) tap water. Rainwater has been used for centuries as part of purification processes and holy rituals, symbolizing the cleansing and rebirth of a person's soul. In contrast to ambiguous water sources, Luxtural's unadulterated rainwater, from the exceptionally clean Northern Pacific Coastline, is collected before it ever touches the ground,  avoiding accumulation of organic materials, contaminants, or toxins that may be present in the soil. It is then filtered three times to ensure the highest degree of purity. For some reason, this extreme purity  is supposed to allow for "increased absorption and moisture retention."

Luxtural's proprietary Exotic Extracts Complex (EEC) purportedly soothes, calms, and supports the skin's ability to heal. Derived from exotic fruit plants and flowers with antioxidant properties, the highly concentrated complex helps to fight aging free radicals. To enhance delivery of botanical actives like seaweed extract, Luxtural draws on advanced technology using submicron spheres. Instead of synthetics, the formula contains a natural preservative system based on honeysuckle and natural fragrances from essential oils.

As with Luxtural's other products, the Hydrating Mist is entirely hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. An independent clinical studies laboratory registered by the FDA found impressive results: 120% increase in skin hydration level after 5 minutes with a sustained moisture boost of 81% after 6 hours. The formulators made a it a point to exclude any ingredients that could be potentially harmful to the skin or the environment (i.e. mineral oils, parabens, synthetic glycerin). Sound like something your skin would want to drink up?