What better way to while away a rainy weekend than to cook up a skincare potion that might turn back the clock? In a matter of minutes, we pulled together some of the best proven anti-agers and combined them in a rich face cream. To do so, we had to cheat just a bit by relying on about one ounce of Skin Actives canvas cream as a base. Though this pre-made skin-nourishing moisturizer incoporates useful emollients like hyaluronic acid and jojoba, avocado, sweet almond, and sesame oils, it is the actives we added that really comprise the secret sauce.

This cream helps counteract the skin's loss of lipids over time, which leads to increased water loss and penetration of harmful compounds. Besides the base emollients, we also used squalane, a natural (and superior) alternative to mineral oil. Once absorbed by the skin, squalane does everything from preventing UV damage and age spot formation to promoting cell growth and warding off bacteria. We upped the formula's antioxidant ante with a double dose of pomegranate and green tea extracts. Coenzyme Q10, or idebenone, was added for its anti-aging benefits such as reducing skin roughness and dryness, minimizing fine lines and photodamage, and boosting skin hydration and overall appearance. Lastly, we tossed in the anti-ager known as syn-tacks, a combination of two synthetic peptides, that has been found to improve skin tonicity, anisotropy, and cellular cohesion. So simple, yet, powerful.

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