Modern science may have mastered the wrinkle and beaten baldness, but still there remains no "cure" for cellulite. Those deposits of fat that bulge outwards and create the appearance of dimpled skin are the result of anything from lifestyle and nutrition to genetics and hormones. Women seem more prone to developing cellulite because female fat cells, muscles, and skin are less flexible than those of a man. To conquer this biological inequity, we are willing to subject our bodies to ridiculously painful procedures (i.e., Thermage) and shell out thousands for a lifetime of maintenance treatments (i.e., Endermologie).

Instead, we could be whipping up a tasty cellulite solution in our own kitchens. Coffee is a common inclusion in anti-cellulite products because its high caffeine content has a dehydrating effect on fat cells, making the skin around them appear smoother and less dimpled. For the quick fix-inclined, this home remedy can aid in temporarily diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Alas, it will not deliver long-lasting results unless combined with adjusted diet and exercise.