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Makeup Memo: is there glitter in your eye cream?

October 7, 2011 Reviewed by admin 2 Comments
Truth #6

Light Reflecting Particles = Glitter

On the market today are dozens upon dozens of beauty brands that tout the use of “light reflecting particles” or “luminizers” in their products.  Simply put, those words are a clever disguise to say, there’s glitter in your makeup.   Most often you’ll find them in products aimed at eliminating dark under eye circles, though I’ve seen it in foundation, blush and even mascara!

Take a look for yourself.  Put a swipe of the product in question on the back of your hand and you will see, as you move your hand in the light, that there is indeed an unmistakable sparkle; usually a pink opalescent color.

We associate radiant, glowing skin with youth. So the intention of these luminizing products is to fool the eye by making your skin look as if it’s glowing from within by using a topical cosmetic to recreate the effect.

There is a big benefit to reflecting light; that’s most of what I do as a makeup artist and what photographers focus on to produce beautiful images.  Having light bounce off of something gives the illusion that it is brighter and pulled forward.

Manufactures have taken this same idea and put finely ground glitter into your makeup, and even skin care, to give the temporary effect of illumination. In theory that’s a great idea, but in truth those pieces of glitter always move and slide, and then can look gunky and weird as the hours of the day progress.

My suggestion is to limit the amount of brightening cosmetics that use sparkle to achieve their temporary effect and find a truly hydrating moisturizer, a dewy foundation and follow my notes on concealing properly to brighten the under eye area sans sparkle.

Then to add some luminosity, you can use a very fine, cream luminizer to add a touch of radiance along the tops of the cheekbones, the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone.  I highly recommend one such as RMS Beauty Living Luminzer, a totally natural product with nourishing ingredients, that looks just like skin when applied.

Of course a natural glow from within is always the best cosmetic for looking youthful and that means drinking plenty of water, eating nourishing foods and smiling as much as possible to get those happy chemicals coursing through your body!
  • October 7, 2011

    by Marta

    Hi Stephanie, not all. Inner Light has some light refractors but they don't glitter/sparkle in any way.

  • October 7, 2011

    by Stephanie

    Where does the product OSmotics Inner Light fall within that spectrum? Does the glowy aspect of the product come from glitter?

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