Truth #4

Lip liner is your “frienemy.”

Frienemy is a word that combines the two words “friend” and “enemy” suggesting that something could actually be both at once, which is so true of lip liner. Use it correctly and you can take years away from your appearance, but using wrong could make you look ancient.

Our society associates a youthful and beautiful mouth with plump, balanced lips that are a flushed pink color and have a smooth sheen.  As we age, however, the mouth begins to lose color, feathery lines begin to appear, withering skin and muscles assisted by our foe “gravity”, pull the mouth slightly inward, outward and downward. Yikes!

Lip liner is easily your enemy when you have thinner lips and choose a color that is much too dark, purple and/or brown. Unfortunately I often see women making this very mistake, walking around with a mouth that is way too dark, making their small lips recede into little, horizontal stripes on their face.

If you’ve ever studied any kind of art you know that using dark causes objects to appear to recede.  So if your lip liner is dark, it’s making your lips look thinner than they really are, which is not a very flattering or youthful effect.

Additionally the colors you chose can be needlessly piling on years to your face. Bobbi Brown made natural tones all the rage in the 90s and her matte brown mouth defined a decade.  A bit later, in the late 90s, purple and icy lilacs became a huge trend. Ladies, that was 20 years ago! It’s OK to put them away now. Purple and brown look dated and have a dulling effect to the face. Remember, bluish purple is the color people’s lips turn when they are freezing or dead.

Go for a shade that you like but has something lively in it to pick up on your natural flush. Don’t pick a color that is “dead” or you will look like you are headed there faster than need be.  Colors I like using on the majority of my clients are beigey pink, coral and bright red (for those who dare).

Natural Lip Liners I Love:



Let’s talk about how lip liner can be your new best friend.  It’s a great way to define the lip area, to keep lipstick from feathering and/or slipping off quickly.  After the age of 37 your face changes drastically, as discussed in my previous article, and it’s around this time that you must start paying more attention to your technique.

One of my favorite “age-defying” makeup techniques is adding fullness to the mouth by emphasizing the Cupid’s bow and rounding out the center of the bottom lip.  Start by placing small dots with your lip liner on the peaks of the upper lip, and one in the valley. Then draw a dash at the lowest point of the bottom lip.  Now, connect the dots with liner, with smooth, rounded edges.  Hard lines will make the mouth look too severe and that equals older, so think in terms of semi-circles rather than definite lines.

If your lips are thin and seem to be moving outward and downward, then don’t line or put lip color all the way to the very corners of the mouth.  Cheat the edges by creating a new corner slightly inside of your natural shape and fooling the eye to believe your mouth is higher rather than wider.

For lip color staying power, fill in the lips using the side of the pencil rather than the point to keep things soft looking and then place lipstick or gloss over the top.

As usual, I look forward to hearing your comments and if these tips are working for you.