I'm addicted to the internet just as much as you. It's almost dangerous, as one click on a link can snowball into hundreds of clicks into the late hours of night. I get a little obsessed, like looking for great travel deals just to see what's out there with no intention of booking the package. I also get obsessed with grooming products around the world. I just like to know what's being provided in international destinations.

Just like late-night link clicks, there are hundreds of brands and grooming lines that don't ever make it to the States, due to shipping issues, the FDA and other factors. So it was a nice surprise to stumble upon, at 2 a.m., the web site for the Purist Company, an organic, all-natural Australian-based line that manufactures A' Kin products (due to international label conflicts, A'Kin is Alchemy in Australia).

After browsing the site and company profile, I was very intrigued and emailed them to get more information. I was happy when the owner actually got in touch with me and sent me samples in the mail. What I like about the brand is that they are truly an organic line. Interestingly enough, they were the first line to feature paraben- and sulfate-free products. The Pacific region is actually a hotbed for organic lines and what's comforting to know is that the TGA (their equivalent of the FDA) is quite strict on regulations for "natural" labels. A' Kin products are at the top of the game as they are 100% natural botanical, completely vegan and using certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

I'm literally on a plane as I write this, flying to Miami. I have been spraying the Pure Rose Hydrating Mist so obsessively it must be driving the poor woman sitting next to me nuts. It's quite refreshing and the rose scent is invigorating. Obviously it's very feminine so I imagine I'll pass it along to my mother (if I get over my quick addiction), who I know will love it (pay attention guys: great gift idea!).

Reading the ingredients is a joy: there's no harsh chemicals or alcohol involved, and I love the exoticism of the active ingredient (Australian Bush Flower Essences: old man banksia, dog rose, tall mulla mulla), followed by aloe vera and vitamin B5. I'm excited to use this on the beach and then pass it along to mama, who is probably going to become as obsessed as I am.

Also note: it comes in 4.2 fl oz, so if you're traveling, make sure it goes in checked baggage to avoid confiscation, or do as I did and pour some into a travel-sized mist sprayer.