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Male Order: Alford & Hoff Moisturizer SPF 15

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August 3, 2008 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
I’m not the fanciest guy (OK, I  admit, I do have a Gucci wallet but that’s a long story) and I don’t always use the fanciest products…. but when my friend, who works at Bergdorf Goodman, introduced me to the brand-new Alford & Hoff line, I had no doubt it would look good with my wallet. This high-end, luxury men’s grooming line - launched this summer - was all the rage amongst BG employees, so of course I couldn’t remain clueless.

I visited my friend who had a few of the products. The packaging was masculine and quite handsome, something you would expect in Bergdorf, and I was immediately drawn to the moisturizer, a sleek, hard, tube-shaped dispenser; it’s rare you find men’s moisturizers in hard plastic with a flip-up cap. However, I never judge a book by its cover (especially at $80 for 50 ml!) so I knew there had to be something more than the label and packaging.The signature ingredient behind all the hype for Alford & Hoff is SIR2stac Complex (an agent that stimulates sirtuins), the first for men’s skincare and an agent that activates youth proteins. Sirtuins have been the “next big thing” for anti-aging this whole decade (perhaps the new “miracle” anti-aging ingredient). It lost steam somewhere along the line, but pops up every now and then. Now that A&H relies on it as the foundation of its grooming line, it may stir up the buzz again in Crunch gym locker rooms.

Basically sirtuins are protein molecules in the skin—when they are activated they surround and protect the cell, promoting its lifespan up to 70%. Skin cells are thus preserved of structure, and even aged cells are restored.  SIR2stac supposedly helps promote this.

So I gave it a shot. The moisturizer was rich and actually quite pleasant. Sometimes SPF moisturizers can have a filmy, liquidy feel that grosses me out. But this felt nice on the face and I didn’t feel greasy afterward. I’m not sure if I’m completely banking on the sirtuin just yet, but after three days of use without any breakouts or redness (a very clear indication that we’re compatible) I think it’s going to be a good relationship.

SIR2stac Complex is made up of: hydrating amino acids, vitamin C, sea fennel, antioxidants, lavendar extract, rice extract, tetrapeptide 7, dipeptides and pro vitamin b5. The active ingredients are chemical SPF agents: avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone.

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