It's often said people tend to party the hardest in their thirties. Whether it's getting those last crazy moments in before you get to "behave" age or anxiety that you're no longer in the MTV-generation demographic, 30 is the spring break of the blackberry set.Just seven months into the big 3-0, I find this to be somewhat (okay, maybe totally) true. The accuracy of this statement can be gauged with later nights out, less sleep and the feeling that you've just been spit out of Homer Simpson's mouth. Who knew liquor would taste so good in your thirties? Apparently not me. Of course I don't make this a habit and I don't want to steal Lindsay Lohan's thunder. I keep my nights out to a minimum as I truly regret it the next day.

I used to keep to a sea-salt bath soak ritual to help detox and rid some of the impurities my body collected the previous night, but somehow that just didn't seem enough to make me feel 100% restored.

My problem was solved when I was shopping in the neighborhood health food store. I discovered Auromere Herbomineral Rejuvinating Mud Bath & Mask. The reason it stood out from the other products was due to the fact I had been in India last October and received a men's detox bath and scrub. Obviously ayurveda is popular in India, but who knew that men enjoyed it equally as much as women? I remember feeling spirited immediately afterward (although the therapist scrubbed too hard for my liking, but I guess my pores are stubborn). I never really sought out an Ayurvedic body scrub when I returned so this was a nice surprise.

The bath and mask is 100% natural ingredients with no artificiality added. It comes in the form of a very fine brown powder to which a pinch of water is added, transforming it into a thick paste. I stood in the shower and massaged my entire, wet body with the paste. I found it to work best in circular motions. The longer you massage it into your skin, the better it is, of course, so that it can get into your pores and work its magic. I think the best part is actually after you wash off.

I like to lie on my back on my bed and just take deep breaths. I feel incredibly purified and it's one of the very few products I've used that seems to have instant effect. And with good reason: it's packed with 13 potent herbs (including Indian gooseberry and natural clay found in the riverbanks of India). And talk about several birds, one stone.. it cleanses, exfoliates, draws out toxins and remineralizes the skin. Not only do I feel great afterward, but I don't regret the wild nights out... well, maybe..

Ingredients in Auromere Herbomineral Rejuvenating Mud Bath & Mask

Indian gooseberry (amalaki), mango ginger (karpura haridra), pistacia integerrima (karkatshrungi), nut grass (nagarmustak), Himalayan silver fir (talispatra), embelia tsenam (vidanga), sweet flag (vacha), bonduc
nut (kashtaki karanj), terminalia chebula (haritaki), terminalia belerica (bibitaki), galangal (kapurakachali), young terminalia chebula (balharitaki), black clay, yellow clay, red clay, and fuller's earth).