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Male Order: Buster's Organic Ocean Mineral Face Wash

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Dull Skin, Oily Skin, Face Care for Men
January 11, 2009 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
It had to happen.. and did! While skimming through a men's fashion magazine, I noticed an ad for Buster's Skin Care for Men, a brand-new, all-organic skincare line.. exclusively for men! And it's about freaking time. Men's grooming brands have always included natural ingredients but Buster's definitely indicates progress and attention men are getting for their skin care. Not that we don't have organic options. We do—too much, in fact—but usually it's "unisex" or an off-shoot from a predominant female-driven line. Thankfully Buster's addresses men's skin with mucho focus. Our skin, as you know, is thicker than women's and subject to more "wear and tear" so it's good to know we're getting some love.

I immediately emailed the owner and he happily sent me samples to review. Conveniently, the size was small enough to carry in my check-in luggage and I spent four days using the Mineral Face Wash in Nevis.
Buster's products are enriched with botanical and natural ingredients and essential oils. Heck, even some ingredients are super kosher. The cool thing about Buster's is that when I received my samples, the letter that came with it was on printed on recycled "seed paper" that produces a variety of wild flowers. Instead of throwing it away, you plant it! With this creativity in mind, I was obviously excited to check out what the brand would bring to my skin.

When I looked at the ingredients, I was impressed: it was mostly organic, as it should have been (about 99.9%). I loved the scent —a soft burst of essential oils and ocean minerals (92+, thank you very much). With all these minerals you know your skin is going straight to nourish heaven. I think the consistent use of this product could gradually improve your skin texture without having to buy fancy fixer uppers. For instance, there's rose hip oil and Vitamin E, which help reduce discoloration and scarring. And aloe vera is one of the top ingredients. If I were a diva with a capital anal, I would point out that it had a filmy feel after washing off but it's obviously the oils.

I'm excited to try out the other products offered. For me, Buster's started out with a bang for the new year.

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