When Marta suggested I try Cellbone Super AOX moisturizer, I was a little wary of the product. The fact it has "Super" in its name is already a big statement, and I try to avoid anything that somewhat glorifies itself (modesty, anyone?). Furthermore, Cellbone doesn't have the friendliest consumer packaging. It looks like it came straight from the science lab. Of course, that's not the biggest issue but the fact they spend little time on marketing gives the impression its some really serious stuff for really serious skin problems.

I don't have serious skin problems and I wasn't familiar with the brand so I sent them an email, laying out my age, race, skin condition and such (if you're never certain about a product, I recommend you do this as well). I asked if Super AOX would be a good match for my skin and their speedy response was that I was more suited for C23 High Potency C-Serum. A good recommendation as I need more premature aging/wrinkles prevention that wrinkle-firming solution.

I ordered and received Cellbone High Potency C-Serum fairly quickly. Back to the whole "lab" feeling, C23 came in a small glass dropper bottle. Interesting. When applied, it did have a very slight "chemical-ish" scent but I wasn't surprised, especially when there's a high concentration of ascorbic acid. Which is basically what this product is (23% L-Ascorbic Acid).

It's definitely high potency for sure (content-wise) and I think what actually differentiates it from other ascorbic acid products is the fact idebenone (a rich antioxidant) is also included in the mix, possibly giving a little more sustainability than other products. For a high-concentration of ascorbic acid, I think this serum is not bad at all at the price of $31, considering the high prices you'll pay for other products that are essentially the same thing. But ascorbic acid isn't the strongest or most stable of the Cs, so let's just hope you're not looking for a heavy-duty vitamin C serum for your skin.

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Ingredients in Cellbone High Potency C-Serum

Water, L-Ascorbic Acid, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Propylenglycol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Zinc Sulfate, Bioflavonoides, Sodium Hyaluronate, Centella Asiatica, Marine Collagen, Idebenone, Menthol