Trends: this year was all about girls kissing girls, the word "totes" and incorporating politics into themed events (thanks, democratic movement!). Obviously, trends don't last (ie: the "Rachel hairdo" from the TV show Friends) but in the beauty world, they simply plateau.

One of last year's biggest trend's was pomegranate, and the buzz actually continues to remain quite strong. Aside from the wealth of benefits one can absorb from pomegranate (for more information, check out Claire's write up here:, this fruit has been known to promote the regeneration of cells in both the epidermis and dermis, not to mention the rich antioxidant properties that benefit the skin (tightening pores to boot!). Obviously this works great in creams and when it comes to isolating target areas, it's a great option for eye care.

Elemis men's line offers Time Defence Eye Reviver ($65), which contains pomegranate, an ingredient I've noticed hasn't exactly been a prominent option in the men's beauty market. I actually like Elemis (if you've ever visited a high-end resort's spa or booked a spa treatment on a cruise ship, you're probably very familiar with the brand). Elemis products, with several antioxidants and other ingredients, do work.

Time Defence Eye Reviver is pretty rich in emollients (a good thing) and the acacia is pretty beneficial (works as a tonic), so the moisture restoration helps with the dark bags. Another interesting ingredient is panax red ginseng (remember my history with ginseng?): it increases the production of collagen and blood vessels. With the combination of all these ingredients, this eye care treatment definitely trumps some of the others on the market.