Gessato, a very new brand, is also new to me, so it was nice when Marta sent a sample over to me (whether or not its to make up for trying that Vaseline lotion is another story!). The brand is actually based out of

New York with a marketing image embracing the culture of Italy (the owners both hail from the uber-romantic country). Gessato Eye Treatment Maintenance Cream ($42) came in very classic, minimalist packaging, which I admired for not trying too hard to catch one's eye. Okay, maybe I'm wrong.
What did catch my eye was their logo of lions: great image! I applied it gently under my eyes with a light tapping motion and was actually quite impressed with the product. The white, scentless cream absorbed quickly and I felt an instant (however transient) lift to my eyes. This is great considering the overloaded emollient abuse found in several eye creams (they should be replacing that with vitamin K!). The product's active ingredient is eleutherococcus senticosus, a Chinese root noted for tonic and adaptogen properties, increasing oxygen absorption and strengthening the body's defenses against agents of stress, whether internal or external (this root is very popular in Russia for anti-aging).

It's known to hydrate and nourish the skin and, along with Vitamins A, C and E (all antioxidants that fights signs of aging and help you look young, whether topically or taken internally), its a pretty nice "slow down the wrinkles!" cocktails. Another cool ingredient is prunus dulcis, high in fatty acids and great hydration afor skin's elasticity.

Because my dad's been going through a "I am not taking any more pictures because I look so old" phase, I'm going to give this product to him. And believe me, I don't just give him any ol' product.