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Male Order: John Varvatos Skin Concealer

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Face Care for Men
November 22, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment
The writer's lifestyle is not necessarily an easy one. Deadlines, obviously, are our worst enemy. Depending on the story, late nights and extensive research contribute to our stress levels. Writing for travel magazines can be a bitch, as well. Constant traveling affects our diet, sleep pattern and skin conditions. So it's inevitable I'm going to get a pimple or two. Embarrassing and gross, but reality.

Now I know it's not a good idea to cover them up but when you need a quick fix (meetings, interviews, dates - yeah right) it's the most practical solution.

Designer John Varvatos launched a grooming line years ago called SKIN.  I've always been a little wary when fashion crosses over to skincare, but sometimes its quite rewarding as the brand's skincare team can come up with some innovative products. With that said, I was pretty eager to try out this brand, comprising 17 products for the fashion-friendly, metrosexualish male. At that time, what I really needed was a good concealer. There was a lack of this in the cosmetic industry for men, but was fulfilled by the stream of fashion labels starting their own grooming lines. Men's lines swelled in the industry, especially from designers (like Jean Paul Gaultier, who also has a strong men's brand), so I have to admit i was caught in that buzz.

What's great about the John Varvatos concealer is that it actually conceals. Unlike others I've tried, it is camouflaged effortlessly into your skin. Pretty nice, considering there are some products out there that promise this but clearly show remnants. Furthermore, John Varvatos' Concealer comes in three shades (light, medium, dark) so it fits perfectly to various skin types. The other plus of the product is that, after that important meeting or—ahem—date, it easily comes right off and it lasts you for, well, years (it doesn't expire and I've had this concealer for almost three years now). Talk about mileage for your money.

Kudos to JV Skin concealer. And back to work for me
  • August 24, 2014

    by herb

    I have been a Varvatos mens concealer user for 5 years.
    Prefer medium..
    Please let me know where to buy it.
    thank you

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