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Sun Protection for Face
May 24, 2009 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
There was no better way to "treat" myself to a post-sick-in-bed weekend like a trip to St. Barths the following weekend for Memorial Day. After all, the weather in NYC rose all the way up to the mid-70s while I was cooped up inside watching reruns of Charm School (guilty pleasure).

My friend Joshua and I arrived to the gorgeous island getaway via St. Marteen. As you know, St Barths is the St. Tropez of the Caribbean: yacht-lined shores, celebrity spottings and some of the best culinary experiences this side of the Caribbean Sea.

We checked in at Guanahani Resort, one of the most luxurious and popular properties on the small island. It's nestled on its own 16-acre peninsula, in the heart of a tropical garden and along the gorgeous northeast side of the island. It's a truly unique getaway that's more see-and-be-seen than sit-back-and-relax (not really how I roll, but I go with the flow).

Julisis is a brand that I think is most fitting for this kind of beach allure; it's also a brand that you probably haven't heard of. I hadn't either until I read about it in high-profile, celebrity-driven magazines, such as Vanity Fair and Wallpaper, and finally saw the real thing at the pool. A woman with her husband had the Sun Emulsion with them, and I couldn't help but ask them how it was. They let me have a try at it.

The man behind the brand, Julius Eulberg, has had more than 20 years in the grooming industry, working in all aspects, including the production and distribution of organic skincare products to luxury brands like Commes Des Garcons and even ayurveda. His brand Julisis is a play on his own name and that of Isis, the Egyptian goddess believed to be the most powerful magician in the universe. She's also known as the "divine physician" and considered the patron saint of the alchemists.
So, with a philosophy like that and having a diverse background, you know that he would eventually come up with something great, something that would outdo anything he's ever done.

Julisus products are organic, ingredients coming from the company's medicinal plant gardens 700 meters about sea level in the Italian Alps. The climate has strong impact on the herbs, not to mention that glacier water is used to water them, and all the sowing, planting, cleaning and harvesting is done by hand. Impressive. The main "goal" of the brand is to introduce pure cell nutrition and holistic communication for our skin.

But at a price, thanks to the "highlight" ingredient: liquids gold and silver. The reason it's expensive is because it takes up to six months to produce the alchemist gold and silver essences (there are only two laboratories worldwide that do this). Additionally, all the products are handmade (another reason why you may not have heard of it... it's not meant for mass production).
The Sun Emulsion SPF 30 is all organic (the micro titanium dioxide and micro zinc oxide as sun protection is natural mineral sunscreen).

This is probably the most advanced, all natural sunscreen on the market (that I've come across). The Sun Emulsion is infused with the Julisis Liquid Silver Essence. Liquid silver, according to Julisus, has the power to restore, balance and detoxify. It also has a direct influence on the sexual chakras, the spleen, kidneys, bladder, sebaceous glands and our nervous system, as well as strong anti-viral properties.

I gave it a go. I have to admit, it felt quite divine and the burst of organic scents (from the coconut to the grapefruit) was incredibly delicious. It also went on very smooth, without that "sunscreen" scent and even felt nourishing.

Indulgent and flattering, the product was a nice treat but out of my price range. It's about a dollar per ML (and there's only 100 ML). Now I know why the product is pretty popular in Russia.


Aqua (levitised water), yellow apricot oil, methylsulfonylmethane sulphur flower, sweet almond oil, tree moss, vitamin e, field marigold, coconut extract, veg. glycerine, tea tree extract, aloe extract, vitamin a, grapefruit kernel extract, vitamin d3, micro titanium dioxide, micro zinc oxide, orange leaf extract, Julisis liquid silver essence

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