One of the hardest things to find and like on the market is a good toner. Perhaps its because they're not high in demand. It's often seen as an unnecessary extra step in skincare regimens but, believe me, its a good one that you don't want to skip as its cleanses the skin, refreshes, rehydrates and shrinks pores (minimally). Some people get intimidated believing they are too many steps (clean, tone, scrub, moisturize, etc) but the beauty of toners is that you can spritz yourself any time of the day, like I do.

I am picky about what I spray, so pay attention. Some toners are packed with unnecessary chemicals while others have a high concentration of antiseptic ingredients and alcohol, like witch hazel (which isn't a bad thing but it's often the main ingredient in hemorrhoid medications and baby wipes.. do you really want to apply/spray that on your face?)

When I went to Hawaii a few months ago, my discovery of the organic line Malie also introduced me to their facial tonics. My favorite was Renew: Ginger Sweet Lime ($45). The organic ingredients (almost all of it is grown on their own farm) are simple: distilled organic ginger, organic sweet lime Hawaiian hydrosols and pure spring water from the slopes of Haleakala volcano. Ginger is one of my favorite ingredients (to eat as well!); it increases blood flow circulation and opens blood vessels. This delivers regenerating blood to the skin tissues.If I could, I would spray it in my mouth it smells so good. Lime is basically an aromatherapy agent but has been known to help with the treatment of acne. A few sprays is a good pick-me up when I don't want to apply an energizing cream, and it's a great substitution for those Evian water spritzers on a hot day (you can bet I'm using it while I'm here in the Virgin Islands—yes, I did eventually make it).


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