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August 23, 2008 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
I'm a sucker for homegrown product lines native to a specific city or country. You know, those brands you fall in love with that you can only order online when you return home (provided they even ship it to the states! I ran into this problem in South Australia after discovering a wonderful grooming range that didn't ship to the United States, so I had to stock up and I'm already out).
Last week, I visited Kauai, Hawaii, an island consistantly voted one of the most beautiful in the world by top travel magazines. And they aren't kidding. It was absolute screensaver material, especially since it's chockfull of sublime beaches, lush rain forests and commanding scenery, whether on the highway or from an aerial view. When I checked into the Princeville Resort, I was stoked to find that my room was provided with a room spray... Malie Mist. I had never heard of the brand Malie but the packaging was smart, modern and cute so I sprayed the room. The scent was pleasantly clean and sweet. I somehow became obsessed with this product and inquired at the gift shop about other products. There I found that it was a small boutique line comprising body, spirit and home products.

After I reviewed most of the ingredients on several of the products, I opted to take home the Organic Massage Tonic: Renew - Ginger Sweet Lime. Mymain intention was to try it out at the Chinese acupuncture parlor across my street in New York after a hard workout at the gym. I don't know her name, but my masseuse is used to me bringing in various brands of massage oil. After a massage (45 minutes for $30!), I'm always amused when she tells me whether or not she liked the oil, and I find myself agreeing (Algotherm elixir- thumbs down; Minyak Tak herbal oil- thumbs up). So she shared my excitement when I brought in Renew - Ginger Sweet Lime. While ginger has many therapeutic uses, it is known to increase blood flow circulation, as well as sooth sore muscles and joints, so I would definitely benefit after four sets of squats (yes, it was legs/back day at the gym). It went on very lightly, very smooth and the scent was incredibly enjoyable (the small shop, even though specializing in massages, has that woodsy, ginseng thing going on).

What I like about this tonic is that it contains kukui nut oil, indigenous to Hawaii, and used for thousands of years for moisturizing and skin revitalizing (it has a high concentration of amino fatty acids, vitamin A, E and F). So imagine my body after the massage. Not only am I eliminating toxins, but my body kinda gives that nice shine that makesme feel an oiled-up go-go dancer (sometimes self-delusion is a common symptom to those who hit the weights). And the scent is not overwhelmingly feminine... ginger and lime, I feel, are quite neutral ingredients.
The Malie brand uses certified organic ingredients that they grow on their own farm (without pesticides), so of course it's all indigenous Hawaiian flora. Sometimes the best souvenir to bring back from from a trip is the scent... and this is going to last me a while.

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