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Male Order: MensMax RestoreMax Advanced Penis Protection

September 20, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
When I first heard about MensMax Penis Protection, obviously my first
instinct was to either laugh or roll my eyes. After all, it's not the
most sought-after product (people do not race to the store for this
one). But then I remembered my friend Craig (name changed for obvious
reasons). After a traumatic break up, he went through a phase where
he...well, let's say deepened his relationship with his monkey. It came
to a point where he had a discussion with his doctor about the chafing
and unkempt nature of it and the only (and obvious solution)
was better lubrication. But there wasn't any discussion about
consistent care. And keep in mind, though minimal, there's constant
friction (intercourse, tight pants), there's the lack of moisturizing
and there's also the "chafing" aspect that can make for an unhappy

So I sent MensMax a letter of interest and they generously sent me
three samples. MensMax Penis Protection is basically an emollient and
nourishing cream, suggested to be applied twice a day. While the
package indicates it improves skin moisture, firmness and elasticity, I
believed that, after three days of usage, it was just the moisturizing
that applied... which makes sense as the main ingredient is aloe vera
gel, great for moisturizing but also with healing powers.

As a matter
of fact, there's some other good stuff in here like decyl oleate, a lubricant made from natural fatty acids, as well as other oils, proteins and ginseng extract. In
fact, most of the ingredients are moisturizing agents. For the first
few days of use, I was a little ambivalent about endorsing it, but I certainly
don't think it's useless. Ultimately, it's not bad for you, but its not
the most necessary product. Unless you're a metrosexual
who thrives on complete grooming care. Or if you're like my friend
Craig who neglects his junk.

Without hesitation, one of the other
samples will end up in his hands. I'm keeping my sample (if that's any
indication of my approval). As for the third....who's game?

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