I know that I have—in the past—been hard on products you can find in drugstores. They're not necessarily what I would advocate for great skin care, mostly because I'm not a big fan of the ingredients (some chemical-produced) found in them. If I had a choice, I'd head straight to the health food store or, heck, even Sephora.

In Australia, I found it works a little backwards. The drugstores here are chockfull of brands that are mostly (or 100%) organic ingredients (if you're really into organic beauty products, then you can have a field day at drug stores, vitamin stores, grocery stores..). Also, because they are the less "mainstream" brands, they are very inexpensive.

I picked up the Oralife Peppermint Lip Treatment because it comprised three ingredients: peppermint oil BP, wool fat and chlorhexidine gluconate.

I like peppermint oil. it's soothing, stimulating, cooling and tastes fine on the lips. The wool fat was an unusual ingredient but then I later found out it's basically lanolin. This is a mixture of fatty acids and esters meant to sooth irritations. My lips aren't necessarily irritated, just dry, so the concentration (53 mg/g) seemed quite excessive. It is hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, and absorbs actually quite fast, so it makes sense to use it for chapped lips, even dry skin, itchy skin rough feet (hey, many birds, one stone!). Actually, now that I think about it, the brand "Oil of Olay" was derived from the word Lanolin.

The weirdest thing is the chlorhexidine gluconate. Although it's the least prominent ingredient (1 mg/g) its sort of relevant. You can find a whole heap of chlorhexidine in the dental office as its present in oral rinses. In fact, chlorhexidine is sometimes an active ingredient designed to reduce plaque and bacteria. The reason I say its weird is because the packaging reads: "Peppermint flavoured ointment for the treatment and prevention of dry lips and dryness of the mouth." Hmm. I prefer drinking water but if push comes to shove....

I've actually been using it on my feet. Just as weird, I know, but the peppermint and wool fat have actually done wonders for them (considering I've been walking around in flip flops for the past three days and they are incredibly dry).