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Face Care for Men
September 6, 2008 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
I'm not a big fan of obsessive body care. As we're all aware, it's not the best decision to wash your hair daily as it strips your locks of natural oils and nutrients you need (unless you're swimming daily in chlorine-rich pools, then you're in the clear). I have the same philosophy about your face. Obviously daily cleansing is essential, but I know some people who do it at least three times a day. Three times a day! Do you drive your car through a wash that often? Didn't think so. With that said, go nuts with your favorite face cleanser if you work 24/7 in a coal mine. Otherwise, I think morning and nightly care is enough.

I often came across days when washing three times daily used to be unavoidable: I would wash in the morning, wash after the gym then wash at night. This only lasted a few days as, eventually, it just seemed unnatural to me to cleanse so often, and I felt I was damaging my face more than benefiting. So I played with my regimen and decided finally my best option was to skip washing in the mornings and instead use a gel to keep my face refreshed and energized. My choice has always been Nickel's Morning After Rescue Gel (which I will give some love in a later review) but I recently picked up Payot Homme Energizing Care ($32) to give it a shot.

Optimale: Payot Homme is the Paris-based grooming brand's new men's line so I was curious to check it out. The options for men are limited (six products in the range) and the most appealing to me was the Energizing Care. It's a little creamy but feels great on the skin after massaged in. What I love about this gel is that its enriched with caffeine and cocoa (sans the scent) so it ideally—even if it's all in my head—goes hand in hand with my Gatorade for my workouts: anything to keep me alert at the gym (considering I don't imbibe any beverage with caffeine, a topical solution is a great alternative).

Another interesting note is that the line incorporates natural stones and minerals into every product (the first men's line to do this), even if it's in very low amounts. This deeply nourishes and conditions, and the minerals (such as zinc, iron, manganese and copper) actually optimize (hence, Optimale) the skin's natural functions, ultimately making it more resilient. The Energizing Care has more iron and zinc, which I'm sure you can imagine only does good. Just think about the effects of natural mineral water: the more you drink, the stronger benefits you'll reap for your health. Unless you're Iron Man—then tap water is all good.

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