Posted by David

I admit that I never thought I would ever be interested in a website like “Truth In Aging”, let alone that I would be writing a review of a product. Until a few months ago, the only male “beauty” brands I knew were Barbasol, Irish Spring, and whatever deodorant was on sale (when I found that rubbing the nearly bare stick of my old brand was neither keeping me dry nor fresh). Now, I must preface the remainder of this post by saying that I am not a man-product convert.I don’t use face-masks, I don’t lotion my skin, and I don’t use hair remover.I know it sounds gross, but I barely wash my face. I guess I have been blessed with pretty resilient skin because I rarely break-out.

I have a theory as to my skin’s resiliency. I am a big believer in sweating out imperfection. If I have a pimple, I think to myself- sweat will clear out the blocked pore. If I have a cold, sweat will flush out the virus. If I have a broken finger, sweat will fix the bone.I know this mentality is counter to what many people (including the entire medical profession) believe, but it works for me.

There is a chink in the armor of my theory, however: in-grown hairs on my neck.I have found that nothing, not even sweat, can help me avoid in-grown hairs. I have a severe case of the annoying bumps that make shaving a slow, and sometimes painful, experience. More than a handful of pictures have been ruined by the red irritation on my neck. My new job forces to me to shave everyday so I have been in pursuit of the cure-all that will keep me from going into the office with a bloody collar everyday.

I received a generous sample of Payot Homme Optimale Deep Cleansing Gel, with exfoliating microparticles, from my wife.She is pretty grossed out by my lack of face washing and swears that since I have come into her life that her own blemishes have multiplied ten-fold.But as I said earlier, I do not wash my face. Under no circumstance will I wash my face for the sake of washing my face. I will sweat and then take a shower.In my book, the water and shampoo running down my face during a shower is enough to constitute clean.That being said, my stance on face washing will not preclude me from trying new things to alleviate my in-grown hairs.

For the past few weeks, I have been using the Payot Homme deep-cleansing gel on my face and neck while in the shower and have noticed a marked difference in in-grown hairs. Now, I don’t know if the in-growns have dramatically decreased because I started scrubbing my face with the Payot Homme and it is providing a level of cleanliness that my face has never experienced, or because the exfoliating microparticles are working some magic beyond my realm of comprehension.

My vote is for the latter, because as I said, sweat is enough to clean all things.I have noticed that my skin is a bit softer, which I don’t know if I like because soft is not something I seek out for my skin. However, I have also noticed that my shave-time is much shorter and more enjoyable.The gel has a masculine smell, which I enjoy, as does my wife. The exfoliating microparticles are large enough to let you know they are working, but not too large as to leave your skin raw and sensitive.

The bottle of Payot Homme says it is purifying and detoxifying, of which I cannot disagree. My skin has been purified of the toxic in-growns that have plagued my skin for too long. My neck thanks you.