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Male Order: Q-Link resonates with your inner tuning fork

August 24, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 4 Comments

I travel internationally up to three times a month for work, so obviously it takes a toll on my body. Jet-lag sets in and readjusting when I get home can be a nightmare, especially when I have to go straight to work as a DJ (yes, I'm a jack of all trades). I've tried everything to help with my internal clock, from tablets from the health food store to exercises, and nothing really had an impact. Then I discovered Q- Link (oh wow, this is starting to sound like an infomercial, isn't it? :)It was recommended by my brother's friend who is a triathlete. Q-Link is basically a pendant that you wear around your neck. I was obviously dubious (especially when our culture tends to reject the unfamiliar and favor instant, over-the-counter quick-fixers); I was the guy who laughed at those people wearing those motion-sickness bracelets on cruise ships.But when I put it on, the effects were astoundingly immediate. This was when I returned from a trip to Scotland and had to DJ that night. My schedule would have had me slipping in and out of consciousness around 10pm, but wearing the Q-Link had me showing no signs of fatigue. In fact, I felt great!

Truth be told, I'm still in the dark when I try to understand what the component in the pendant is that helps your biofield function at its optimum level (from my extensive research, I think its crushed crystalline materials like carbon and silicon). Its the resonant effect that harmonizes, like a tuning fork. Scientists have made studies (go to to learn more). In any case, the Q-Link is said to amplify health and energy, decrease stress and energy drains, beat jet-lag and reduce harmful effects of electromagnetic fields around computers and cell phones (Lord knows I'm around both 24/7).

Believe it or not, athletes swear by this as its reported to improve mental focus and endurance, and I'll have to vouch for them as it definitely makes me feel more aware and productive at the gym. I think of it as acupuncture around your neck: I feel harmonized, I sleep well, my sense of well-being is spot on and my "chi" has never been so aligned (though I still do acupuncture for good measure). And that jet-lag? Done and done.

  • February 5, 2009

    by Susan Alton

    Hi Jimmy, I did order the qlink after reading your review. I had heard and read about it before so thought I would give it a try and have been testing it for about 8 months. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised at how well it works. I work on computers and under fluorescents in a medical testing facility, CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray, you name it and I was getting unbelievably fatigued and had developed computer eyestrain. Well unbelievably enough the qlink eased the effects of all these things and I found I was not as tired after work as usual. I also noticed that it seemed to help with irritability a lot. I also noticed that it seemed to help me sleep sounder and fall asleep slightly faster than I had before using it. During my test periods I definitely notice that I am slightly more on edge and fatigue much easier. Also it does increase my endurance for exercise when I wear it while working out. I have not noticed that its effects have increased over the long term but maybe thats because I have not been wearing it constantly.

  • August 24, 2008

    by Mike626

    <p>Marta, perhaps you could pair this with H2Om and see if there is a synergistic effect? ;)</p>

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  • August 24, 2008

    by jo

    <p>It will be interesting to see what you make of it, Marta. It seems I am genetically open to this kind of thing on my mother's side LOLOL but decided against buying my parents a set for their anniversary after my father emailed me the following link with a note to read the article and following comments:</p>

    <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>

  • August 24, 2008

    by marta

    <p>I must admit that my instincts tell me that this is a candidate for Dept of Daft and that Jimmy is a candidate for living in a home for the bewildered. So, I am just going to have to try this out for myself (having huffed and puffed my way back from my morning run, I need something). We'll see...I just forked out (pun intended) $99. </p>

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