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Male Order: Reviewed and recommended - Malin Goetz Detox Face Mask

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July 26, 2008 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
If life was simple, there would be one product that would do it all in one go: cleanse, tone, hydrate, firm, revitalize, etc. But that just seems incredibly boring and takes the fun out of my skincare regimen. Could this possibly mean that a simple life would be a boring one if there was a lack of beauty products? Before I go off on an unnecessarily-philosophical-way-out-in-left-field-tangent, let me get to the point.

Last weekend, I tried Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask ($38). I like the Malin + Goetz brand as their unisex product line is non-abrasive and packed with all-natural ingredients (the packaging is quite handsome as well!). It has .3% soy protein (great anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agent) and natural almond extract that actually leaves a pleasant smell rather than a harsh, chemical-ish aroma I've found in several other masks. In addition, there's vitamin C and Vitamin E, olive extract and green tea extract. Antioxidant cocktail, anyone?

I love how it went on my skin. It was smooth and silky and after two minutes, it didn't even feel like anything was on my face. The scent of almond was quite blissful and, to be honest, I could have left the mask on for hours for the scent alone. Upon oxygenation, I washed off and my skin felt like it had gone through a 4-week detox program in less than ten minutes. Furthermore, unlike some other masks I've tried in the past, applying moisturizer afterward seemed necessary: I felt fully hydrated.

Malin + Goetz scores points for their innovative flair. Their Detox Face Mask could easily make your life easier as it's quite close to the one-step-do-it-all-product (cleanse, tone, hydrate, firm, revitalize) but then I guess life wouldn't be so fun, would it? Besides, it's recommended to use once or twice a week. In a perfect (boring) world, however, it would be every day. But let's not get carried away.

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