When Marta asked me to review the new Men's Body & Face Lotion by Vaseline, I thought I was being punished. What did I do wrong, I wondered? Ultimately I know that fair is fair and everything should be scrutinized. But I, for one, never use products from the drug store. It's not that I'm a diva but I've learned throughout the years that some of the ingredients are not the best or productive for your skin (hence the very cheap prices). I'm willing to pay a little extra for a product I know I can rely on.

Vaseline has been around for decades. It's a household name and obviously popular in the mainstream. I mean, who hasn't had a jar of petroleum jelly at some point in there home? Maybe I was overreacting; this product might not be that bad.

I was a little overwhelmed with the packaging. Let me rephrase that: I was somewhat flabbergasted by the fact the body & face lotion came in a whopping 24.5 fl oz bottle and the point price was $2.99. Clearly ridiculous. So I bit back my tongue and tried it out a few times after taking a shower.

The main ingredient is glycerin (mostly found in soaps and I don't like it much, truth be told) and loads of stearic acid in various forms. The problem with this already is that it has a waxlike consistency (it's commonly found in candles, oil pastels and plastics). After applying the lotion over my body (there was no chance in hell I was going to put it on my face, and I avoid any product that is versatile in that way), it did absorb fast as the packaging detailed. But I felt sticky afterward. It wasn't a pleasant feeling nor did I feel completely moisturized hours after. It's similar to some lip balms where you keep having to apply it to retain that feeling of moisturization.

As I had suspected, the Vaseline Men's Body & Face Lotion failed to impress. It was free of any antioxidant or organic ingredients, basically a bunch of chemicals in a pump. Ultimately it's a thumbs down. I'm not even sure how it got on the market.