A well-groomed hippy. Talk about an oxymoron. But it happens and I am known to have bohemian tendencies... Well, not really, but I do have a penchant for organic groceries, yoga, and—obviously—I'm a big fan of eco-friendly grooming products. I just learned about a new line, Sapien Men, that hails from Brazil.

Sapien is a spin-off from Surya Brasil, so it's Ecocert certified and all products are 100% plant-based. What I love about this line is that it contains ingredients from Amazonian wild harvested plants and fruits from Brazil, the same stuff used for centuries by natives. So, in a sense, it's evolution in a bottle.

I got my hands on the Facial Scrub, which was a little different from other face scrubs I've used. The content was brown and came out a little diluted (kinda like soft mud after a rainstorm), which only ensured I was getting my hands onto something very natural. It smelled earthy and felt great on my skin, not harsh at all. After application, my face had that squeaky clean feel (kinda like your teeth after they are brushed) and the exfoliation was very light (not chockfull of a million microbeads) and rather impressive. The face scrub itself is loaded with yummy stuff. It contains acai scrubbing grains (you should know acai by now) and green clay, which controls oiliness. Other nature-driven ingredients? Aloe leaf juice, cedarwood bark oil and citrus aurantium bergamia fruit extract.

Sapien offers a range of products and I'm eager to review some items in the future. And while this has nothing to do with the product, I would like to add: "Go Obama!"