Here in Australia, another ubiquitous brand is Sukin. No surprise: the brand is a carbon neutral product and all organic (which is the natural way of Australian brands). All their products are a blend of organic botanicals, essential oils and natural ingredients (can you feel the non-chemical love this country exudes??). Browsing through the products in the Sukin range, I was impressed with the packaging and the ingredients involved within. You kind of get a high out of it, like a kid finding all his favorite toys at the toy store.

I picked up the SLS and Paraben Free Foaming Facial Cleanser. SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) is one of the worst offenders in skin care, contributing to dry skin and damaging the growth process of new skin. And we all know about parabens, the funny chemical that snakes its way into some great brands.

Reading the ingredients of the Foaming Facial Cleanser, they are a little similar to the Natural Instinct face wash but the highlights here are german chamomile, aloe vera, witch hazel and green tea. In fact, these four are the top ingredients in the product. Chamomile, aloe vera and witch hazel are known to basically assuage irritated skin, soften and treat dryness. When applied, you smell what you get: just a nice fusion of the organics. The essential oils of tangerine and mandarin are also quite nice. Green tea is an antioxidant that lends a helping hand in making this product more enjoyable.

The SLS is replaced by cocamidopropyl betaine, which is derived from coconuts and universally safe, effectively cleansing without stripping natural oils. The other bonus? It's another inexpensive product (AU 9.95, which comes to about $6.50 US)


Purified Water, Organic blend of German chamomile, aloe vera, witch hazel and green tea. Decyl Glucoside (vegetable), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (vegetable), PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate (vegetable), rosehip oil, macadamia oil, evening primrose oil, Glycerin (vegetable), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (suttocide) vegetable, Citric Acid, grapefruit seed extract, tangerine essential oil, mandarin essential oil, lavender essential oil, vanilla extract.