I almost overlooked MaMa Lotioncompletely. For some reason, I assumed it was a product for nursing mothers. Fortunately, something drew me back to it and I'm very glad because MaMa ($44.50) could be both a good anti-ager and a big help for the acne prone.

MaMa seems to be a declension of the two main active ingredients: mandelic acid and malic acid. Mandelic acid is made from extract of bitter almonds and is an alpha hydroxy acid. It seems to be good for controlling hyperpigmentation, diminishing wrinkles and fending off acne breakouts without being irritating. I've heard acne sufferers rave about it. MaMa contains the mandelic at a 10% concentration and then there is another 10% of malic acid, giving this potion a powerful 20% AHA kick. Malic acid can be obtained from apples and grapes.There is also some ubequinone (CoQ10), algae and squalane. In addition, there are a couple of silicones, parabens, potassium hydroxide, and polyacryamide (which I mentioned yesterday as it is in a filler called Aquamid - I imagine it's OK here since this isn't injected).

By the makers of MaMa's own admission, this cream feels greasy at first and takes up to 15 minutes to sink in. Still, it could be worth a try.