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Face Care for Men
May 1, 2010 Reviewed by Mark 0 Comments
Since my teen years I can’t remember a time I haven’t struggled with my skin.  Blemishes and oily skin that everyone told me would disappear in adulthood didn’t. As the years have progressed I still wrestle with occasional break-outs and the omnipresent oily skin, but now have the added challenges aging skin brings.

Thanks to the ever increasing technology of skin care, my daily routine evolves as I find products that better address my needs. In fact, many of the products I currently use you’ll recognize from TIA reviews that have been recommended. What are my concerns? Along with addressing oily skin and the errant blemish, are fine lines (with a few that are deeper), refining pores, and beginning signs of aging of the neck (and overall preventive maintenance).  So here’s a look at what I do for my skin from dawn to dusk:

My daily routine:

For many years I have relied on Phisoderm face wash (with neutral pH and 2% salicylic acid) to help keep blemishes minimal and I still reach for it when I do get a breakout.  However I’ve lately been using Erno Laszlo Black Mud Soap each morning for its thorough cleansing and minerals.  After shaving my toner is simply pure witch hazel – no burning or stinging.

Afterward I apply YBF’s Defend which helps to address oily skin and has the benefit of their signature Spin Trap technology.  I use Dermophisiologique Optima Eye Cream above and under the eyes and have noticed improvements in lines and firmness. (This is a thick product so I’ve found less is more – if you use less than you think you need, it will still cover the area and absorb much better)  I also apply the eye cream at night.

At night:

I have begun using Nutra-lift Herbal Nonsoap Cleanser ($24 in the TIA shop) for its antioxidants and gentle cleaning, applied to face and neck by the Nutra Sonic Face Brush System (I found it while looking online for the Clarisonic – it works on the same principal, has four speed settings, 2 face brushes (regular and sensitive) and a body brush, but at $107 on Amazon, cost less than half).  I’ve only been using the Nutra Sonic about a month and only at night to acclimate my skin to it, but I do feel it helps me achieve a cleaner skin.  Time will tell if I notice other benefits.

Every other night I use Nutra-lift Night Repair ($30 in the TIA shop) lotion for its botanicals, hyaluronic acid and gentle exfoliating.  I’ve noticed it gives me a fresher, hydrated face in the morning.  Alternate nights I use Suki Pure Facial Moisture Lotion for its skin calming properties and to let my skin rest.  (I’ve found Arcona Magic White Ice Moisturizer works equally as well.)

I don’t want to rely on topicals alone, so to also benefit from the inside out (and because I don’t always eat right) I take a multivitamin, 2 flaxseed oil capsules, 2 Fiber Choice (sugar free) tablets, several glasses of water and eat some type fruit every day.

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