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Mark puts Your Best Face Prep, Restore and Concentrate to the test

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Prevents blemishes and refines skin


Skin brightening is gradual
May 28, 2010 Reviewed by Mark 9 Comments
A powerhouse combo of products

Beyond the shadow of a doubt I am my own worst critic.  On a daily basis I scrutinize every square inch of myself mercilessly.  Flaws beware – my eyes are far too practiced for you to escape unnoticed.  But when I look in the mirror do I really see what others do?  Evidently not.  Recently, I had dinner with a friend I had not seen for a couple of months and she remarked how fresh I looked.  A casual, perfunctory compliment I thought, and let it go.  Later in conversation, she remarked how you could always tell people that exercise regularly because their complexion is usually clear and healthy and asked if I were going to the gym.  It was a genuine compliment.

It made me realize that sometimes it takes someone else to hold the mirror up to our face, so to speak.  We become so accustomed to seeing ourselves that sometimes we may be looking through the reflection instead of looking at it.   No, I wasn’t going to the gym (although I should be), but I had made a change.  I stopped my usual skin care routine a few weeks ago to try some new products and this was the payoff.

I began using three products from the YBF (Your Best Face) line:  Prep ($80 in the shop), Restore ($120) and the Concentrate Antioxidants ($55 in the shop).  Prep Microdermabrasion was such a nice surprise.  Unlike exfoliants I’ve used in the past that used crushed nut shells or granules of ‘who knows what’ that always left my skin irritated, Prep has a creamy consistency with the most ultra fine crystals imaginable that left my skin feeling polished.  Instead of red and irritated, my skin felt smooth and refreshed.  I appreciate that it also serves dual roles as exfoliant and mask.  The YBF folks added botanicals and anti-aging ingredients that your skin will more readily drink in as you exfoliate.  Quick and easy, you simply lightly massage a small amount onto damp skin and rinse or  you can leave on for a few minutes as a mask.  I used this at night three times a week as a mask to reap the maximum benefit.  What I had left on my fingertips I used to give the back of my hands a treatment also.  The product rinses easily, completely and a little bit goes a long way.  The range of benefits listed on their website include:  brightens skin, smoothes & refines, reduces wrinkles & inflammation, balances skin, discourages future blemishes.  I found after a couple of uses it also eliminated a few tiny blackheads that were beginning to form on my forehead.

Restore became my night serum.  High in vitamin C, skin brighteners, and top antioxidants, this is also a multitasker that can be used to achieve brighter and more even skin tone, diminish dark spots, promote healing and improve overall complexion issues.  It can also be used as an eye cream alternative.  I put it to the test applying to my face and back of my hands each night before bed.  Although I don’t have ‘dark spots’ per se, I do have a couple of tiny sun freckles on my face and a few I have noticed trying to take up residence on the back of my hands that I would like to send packing.  In the weeks since I began using Restore I can definitely tell they are gradually fading on both face and hands and my complexion is improving.

The YBF Concentrate gives you carte blanche to add it to any favorite skin care product to increase its effectiveness.  I decided to use it during the day, mixing a small amount with a little Dermophisiologique Optyma Eye Cream and used it daily on upper and under lower lids.  Then I mixed a little with Arcona Magic White Ice for a daily moisturizer.  Having used both the eye cream and moisturizer previously, I can say that the Concentrate did help to ‘up’ the performance of both – they just seemed to perform better.

Having used a couple of the other YBF products, I can say these are also excellent.  The Prep and Restore do exactly what they say they will and have performed handsomely.  The fading of spots and brightening of the skin is subtle and gradual, but I do see it in the mirror and now even more so, through the compliment of a friend.  Thanks YBF, for quality products and better skin.

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  • July 11, 2014

    by Darrell Owens

    Hi Lois,
    We never have and never will use mico-bead exfoliants (in Prep or any of the products we make), but it seems you may have made that a take-away from Mark's review and I thought I would clarify.

    All my best,
    Darrell from Your Best Face Skincare

  • July 11, 2014

    by lois

    Nice that the product works well, but we MUST take responsibility for the pollution of the streams and oceans. these micro-bead exfoliants do not get cleaned out by our sewage treatment and are killing fish, turtles, and other living water creatures are eating them

  • May 29, 2010

    by Darrell Owens

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you and as it happens, we're working on some new products right now...a couple of which hold promise as great multi-taskers!

    Thank you too Julie, Junko & L for the nice comments!

    All my best and have a great weekend!

  • May 29, 2010

    by Mark

    Junko - so glad that my review helped you - and you're right that usually only a few products in a brand line are usually exceptional. I'm really glad to have found YBF and although I haven't tried all their line, I can honestly praise all those that I have.
    Thanks to all for your comments.
    Darrell, how about a product that targets the neck and since you're so good with the face, how about working on a product for the body overall, too? Maybe an anti-aging lotion?

  • May 29, 2010

    by L

    Everything that I have from YBF is fantastic!
    The customer service is also fantastic!
    Darrell, thank you for the RESTORE!
    It is also fantastic!!!I am never disappointed in the
    many products I have from YBF!

  • May 28, 2010

    by Julie Kay

    I agree, Junko. I don't use YBF's entire line, but I've tried each potion, and can see where they would work as stated. I adore Correct, Boost, Quench, Control (although I only use a tiny amount from a sample tube I got over a year ago) and Restore. The only exfoliant I use is Prep, and I am waiting for the perfect match to mix Concentrate with.

    What is a golden coupon? hey! ~jk

  • May 28, 2010

    by Junko

    I almost forgot...Dearest Darrell, Kimberley & Marta, we need a wider range of YBF products in the TIA store. We're not carrying yet all my favorites :)

  • May 28, 2010

    by Junko

    Mark, because of your words about YBF's Defend I traded my golden coupon for it and I LOVE IT. It holds down all the oily stuff, even Tamanu oil.
    Normally within a brand I find one or two exceptional products while the remaining products seem to have just been thrown in, as something consumers will buy due to their experience with the exceptional one or two. This is not true of YBF. All their products are exceptional. I don't use the entire line, but I use more of YBF than any other brand!

  • May 28, 2010

    by Julie Kay

    Wow, Mark- your remark, "sometimes it takes someone else to hold the mirror up to our face" is insightful and worth remembering. Thank you for sharing this! ~jk

    ps how many of us over scrutinize ourselves at our mirrors? I know I do...

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