Marta is a believer that too much makeup makes you look older. So what does she turn to in lieu of foundation? Non concealer concealer. But what is non concealer concealer if it's not concealer?

Osmotics Inner Light Complexion Enhancer is a pinkish cream based on spherical pigments that, along with some silicone, plant oils and vitamins, creates a light-defusing layer, which gives the skin a porcelain like look rather than the dull look that concealer can give.

Marta also lets you know about a couple more of her favorites by RMS Beauty. Un Cover Up is mineral based, all natural, goes on smooth and grease free, and disappears into any skin tone within a matter of moments. Guys can even use it to cover up blemishes or nicks from shaving. Marta also recommends RMS Living Luminizer, a highlighter that gives a shimmer, and makes you look a little more wide awake.

Check out Marta's full review of Osmotics Inner Light and RMS Beauty Un Cover Up and Living Luminzer below.

Osmotics Inner Light - Tested and Recommended

RMS Beauty Un Cover Up and Living Luminizer - Reviewed and Recommended