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Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set Review

Mary Kay Timewise
March 18, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 54 Comments
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Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good


A few amino acids


Too many controversial ingredients

Flicking through Essence magazine, I saw an ad for Mary Kay's TimeWise Miracle Set ($78).  Ironically, for a company whose brand messaging is all about empowering women, Mary Kay does very little to empower shoppers as to knowing exactly what it is that they are buying. Eventually, I managed to track down the ingredients for one of the Miracle Set products, the Age Fighting Moisturizer, on eBay.

Mary, Mary I now know why you don't want us to see how your garden grows. Up near the top of Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer is triethanolamine. According to Cosmetic Ingredient Review, Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics, and the U.S. National Library of Medicine, there is a strong evidence that Triethanolamine is a human skin, immune system and respiratory toxicant. The likelihood of this penetrating the skin is increased by the presence of propylene glycol. Disodium EDTA is also a penetration enhancer.

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There are some controversial ingredients in Mary Kay's TimeWise, such as diazolidinyl urea. While it is fair to say that no available data leads us to confidently categorize diazolidinyl urea as toxic and carcinogenic, many well respected scientists and doctors still recommend avoiding it. In You Being Beautiful, Doctors Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz include it on their list of ingredients to avoid. This is because it may be contaminated by formaldehyde. It is also a skin irritant.

I'm not sure how lauramine oxide got under the wire to reside in this moisturizer. Lauramine Oxide is approved by the CIR for use in cosmetics but with restriction limiting its use to rinse-off products; The International Journal of Toxicology reports skin irritation from Lauramine Oxide and recommends limiting its use to rinse off products at a maximum of 3.7% concentration.

Most of the rest of the ingredients seem to be fairly benign (although note a couple of parabens). For example, linoleamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate looks rather alarming, but is an anti-static agent and it seems to be without a cosmetic criminal record. Now what about the Age Fighting part? Well, that would be the eight amino acids and an alga that come last after 26 other ingredients.

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  • July 3, 2018

    by Kim

    I had no idea how bad some of the ingredients are in Mary Kay! Can you recommend a safe foundation for me?

  • June 10, 2018

    by Yvonne

    The Timewise “pills” on my face. Rubbed my face an hour after applying at night, and it just rolls up . Good thing I didn’t plan on applying make up over this moisturizer.

  • April 12, 2018

    by Eileen Ross

    I was a Mary Kay Consultant thirty eight years ago. I loved the products then, and really believed in them. I had beautiful skin, and each product certainly made that possible. But since then, Mary Kay has died, and so has her integrity. I fear that they have become just like the rest of the world. I need say no more.

  • January 28, 2018

    by Heidi

    Here’s the thing. Many years ago the ingredients in MK cosmetics were VERY different. Anyone selling MK years ago can tell you that the ingredients were more benign then. I think until recently women didn’t question. Mostly they were more concerned with whether the products were tested on animals first.

  • September 22, 2017

    by Khloe

    Thanks for this info. I just attended a Mary Kay consultation and will not be buying the products for myself or my daughter after reading this. The consultant could not answer my questions about microplastics and other ingredients, which was not convincing either. I have cut down on all possible chemical use at home and I don't think MK products are worth adding to my list.

  • April 27, 2017

    by Crystal Medina

    I started my Mary Kay business in Jan. of 2013. I signed up through someone because of the discount.

    In the beginning, I really enjoyed our weekly meetings until I was belittled and pressured by my director for not meeting my goals (and not supporting hers).

    I invested a lot into Mary Kay but didn’t have any prior experience with sales and like anyone had my own insecurities, so after a while I noticed it wasn’t as easy as people said it would be.

    I felt like I was doing Mary Kay 24/7. My whole life became Mary Kay, and as much as I tried, it never seemed to be enough.

    When I’d go to my meetings and share my struggles my director would compare me with others and would belittle me in front of everyone. I remember walking into my meetings discouraged and walking out, just devastated and embarrassed because I was the example of the one that failed.

    As any Mary Kay consultant, I tried ALL the products and had been faithful to my skincare regimen using Timewise for 1 year and Timewise Repair for 2 years. I started to notice brown spots all over my face. I was told, use the spot reducer, now use this and oh add concealer, etc., so I did and it got worse.

    After almost a year of that crap, I started to have doubts about the products and always wondered why Mary Kay was willing to allow everyone to start off making 50% and directors making more, but when I would ask those questions, I was accused of doubting and being negative. So, I wasn’t COMPLETELY SOLD OUT to their products which made it harder to sell because of my own personal experience.

    In April of 2016 I watched a documentary which caught my attention due to a cancer scare. After watching this, I started researching my Mary Kay products!

    At that time I didn’t know much about chemicals but after A LOT of research (including printing out EVERY SINGLE ingredient sheet from Mary Kay in Touch and googling the ingredients and dissecting the underlying definition of the ingredient) I was deeply disturbed to learn about all the toxic products I’d been exposing myself to. I knew there was no way I could continue to use Mary Kay, let alone sell it.

    When I contacted Mary Kay Corporation the lady literally laughed at me when I asked her if the company had any intention of joining the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and that’s when the lightbulb went off. I was appalled and felt like everything I was taught was all LIES. Mary Kay is not empowering women, they’re exploiting them, consultants and customers, just to make a dollar!

    Integrity means doing the right thing, at all times and in all circumstances so it has become a burning desire to educate people about safe cosmetics and expose companies that are deceiving!

    But thank you Mary Kay for teaching me such a valuable lesson in life….

  • March 31, 2017

    by Roberta

    In response to Liz, how can you say that this person should obtain their information from a more reliable source! Look at the facts! These are the ingredients and have been for years... the science and research is out there on these chemicals. Our skin is the largest organ our body has - why would we want to put chemicals all over it? I understand wanting to stand behind your product, but, how can you promote a product that uses ingredients that are just plain unhealthy! Maybe you should get your information from a more reliable source!

  • March 11, 2017

    by MK User

    Do you of any complaints regarding Mary KayTimewise Repair Volu-Firm products causing respiratory problems i.e. asthma symptoms. Also, are there any sulfates or sulfites in the products?

  • July 27, 2016

    by Liz

    Mary Kay cosmetics had been around for over 55 years & has been ranked #1 in facial skin care & cosmetics the last 17 years in a row for quality, price & customer may want to obtain your information from a more reliable source...

  • May 12, 2016

    by Anne

    Mary Kay are selling in China who test on animals! They do not take any responsibility what so ever, saying they can only try to influence China not to!
    Surely the point is if MK had any morality at all they would not sell to countries
    Who test on animals. Many cosmetic companies including Prai refuse to sell to
    These countries. PETA have now removed MK from their list of companies who
    Do not test on animals. MK are disgusting money grabbing at the expense of poor creatures wh suffer horrendous pain!

  • November 16, 2015

    by Maria Teresa Honrada

    A safe and healthy discussions that benefits all women who wanted to maintain facial skin glowing; check and balance; at the end of reading pro and cons related this product is your decision, so be wise and beautiful

  • August 25, 2015

    by andrea

    I also have the same reaction with the Mary Kay Time Wise 3 in 1 cleanser. When I use it the next day or so I will get a bump underneath my skin (not a pimple) and when it finally goes away I am left with a reddish brown mark that last for a couple of weeks. I stopped using it but still use the Time Wise moisturizer and the Time Wise night solution. Love them both!

  • June 30, 2015

    by Dian

    The Time Wise Repair kit seems to break me out with water like pimples that hurt underneath the skin. Once it has deflated a little I am left with a dark patch in that area.

  • January 31, 2015

    by stephanie

    Reviews are interesting, both good and bad. I noticed two reviews spoke of irritated skin, burning, redness etc. . I'm wondering why you bought so much product before you tested it. If you had skin reactions, have you had similar reactions from other skin products? These are just general questions from a consumer who has purchased the product for quite awhile. I compared Mary Kay facial ingredients, more specifically 'TimeWise' and have noticed that the 'so called' bad ingredients are in every cream and cleanser, albeit even supermarket brands. Mary Kay, although somewhat pricier than others, works for me. If used correctly ( some of their products can be used simultaneously) I, personally would have no problem recommending the product. It absolutely works for me and I will continue to use it. My skin is softer, has a natural glow and any fine lines that just "showed up" are gone. Hurray for me, I'm going to be 69 and I say
    'bring it on Mary!

  • January 11, 2015

    by Carmen

    I have been using MK since I was 25 and I am 63 now. I have never experienced any issues and neither have any of my friends and family. After reading this, I researched the ingredient discussed as I became alarmed -don't know why since I have been using for over 25 yrs. I found that the ingredient is used in the majority of cosmetics -"Triethanolamine is used primarily as an emulsifier and surfactant. It is a common ingredient in formulations used for both industrial and consumer products...neutralizes fatty acids, adjusts and buffers the pH, and solubilises oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water. Some common products in which triethanolamine is found are liquid laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, general cleaners, hand cleaners, polishes, metalworking fluids, paints, shaving cream and printing inks."... So, I will continue using MK and their new formulas including the botanicals.

  • October 7, 2014

    by Alyshia

    Mary Kay's ingredients are awful for your skin. They campaign against breast cancer, but one of the top ingredients in their products is mineral oil which is directly linked to breast cancer. They have VERY bad ingredients in their products! I also stopped using their products for a healthier option that has transformed my skin.

  • September 5, 2014

    by Zuzia

    Debata please please share with us what line of cosmetics did you find that is good and healthy. I have been serching so long and no luck.
    Thank you so much

  • August 29, 2014

    by Debra

    I have used MK for 5 years in the past as a MK rep. After doing more research into products we place on our skin and how so much gets absorbed, I could not stand behind the product anymore due to the preservatives used. I have recently found a line that is healthy for the body and has given me such incredible results that people think I had a face lift. Healthy skin lines are out there!

  • August 8, 2014

    by Gemma

    I have used Mary Kay since my Freshman year in college (I am now 51 ).
    I have only once in that time strayed from the product. However,
    Within the past week, I opened new products & have developed a rash over my whole face & neck that is red, slightly raised, itchy & burns. I have since switched
    To Neutragina. The rash does seem to slowly be getting better, but
    After reading about the ingredients of the Mary Kay products, I highly
    doubt that I will be a returning customer.

  • July 10, 2014

    by sharyn

    I too got chemical burns. On my cheeks.

  • July 7, 2014

    by Debbie

    I have used Mary Kay products since I was 16 all the way through the years. I am 62 and my skin is amazing, not one wrinkle. Part of it is genetics, but I believe this products works really well is used correctly. It is always a good idea not to mix products. Stay with one and it will work really well. Use regularly not once in a great while.

  • June 24, 2014

    by Adrienne

    Thank you for providing us with this information! I could not find it anywhere on Mary Kay sites. I was investigating whether or not this product contains parabens, but found that there may be worse things than that even. We should know what chemicals are being added unnecessarily to the products we put on our very skin, our face even, which soak into our bodies and blood stream. It seems that women are not informed enough about potentially dangerous ingredients in their 'beauty products'. I will not use Mary Kay products any more since they cannot be forthcoming, and because they use dangerous and/or questionable chemicals that can hurt us and our environment, as is the case with parabens which are banned in some countries.

  • May 31, 2014

    by Laura

    Do you need to be allergic to these products in order to get these symptoms

  • May 23, 2014

    by Wendy

    I had the same exact reaction as Karen (above) when trying Mary Kay's Timewise. I used it one night and one day, during the day my entire face, neck and chest itched terribly, but is was the puffy, red and swollen eyes that made me realize I was having an allergy to this product. I tried for a friend, who highly recommended. I am very happy with Clinique and will continue to use their Repairwear, I love it.

  • May 20, 2014

    by Susy

    Since I started using the timewise and the foundation/powder, my skin has gotten so terrible. I have itching, burning, dryness and bumps on my face. I noticed this started after I started using Mary Kay products on my face. I went to my dermatologist and said it was an allergic reaction to my makeup and was prescribed some steroid cream. I will stop using all Mary Kay products and switch to the makeup I was using before and hope this clears up. This has never happened to my face before and I know it was because of the Mary Kay products I started using on my face.

  • April 16, 2014

    by Kellie

    I recently tried the mk timewise products and have been looking for people that have the same symptoms. About a week into using I started itching on my legs that moved to my arms along with bumps. I stopped using it and then my face swelled. I went to my Dr and I let her know that mk was the only new thing I have new foods or other products... I guess what I'm asking is why would it start on my arms and legs then on to my face? I was only using face products. So I'm now on day 2 of 12 taking steroids still waiting for the swelling to go down. I don't know if I should return the product or not. I don't really want to have to take steroids again they are horrible..

  • March 24, 2014

    by karen

    i've been searching for someone else who uses mary kay and has had a reaction. finally i found one! not sure if it is my mary kay timewise age-fighting moisturizer or not. but, the red puffy bags under my eyese is a reaction from some thing. i've been to an allergist (not allergic to anything), dermatologist and finally my eye dr. (because i had a pimple under my eye that had to be removed (the biopsy showed it was part of the reaction on my face and could be something i've been putting on my face. i've stopped my mary kay products now and will see if things get better.

  • March 20, 2014

    by Michele

    I honestly think some people have nothing to do than to publish false information, really not sure why you take the time to write those reviews.
    Mary Kay Canada is against any animal testing, and definitely does not do animal testing in North America.

  • November 22, 2013

    by sharon

    If you've had an allergic reaction (burning, itching, puffiness) to any Mary Kay products, please read on.

    After a Mary Kay Party, I experienced a severe reaction to the products I sampled at the party (burning, itching and puffiness). I contacted the Mary Kay representative who did the party and she had never had a customer with a similar experience and neither had her Mentor! She had no suggestions for me.

    A health professional examined me and concluded it was a "chemical burn". She suggested I use Aquaphor as a day and night cream and Dove unscented soap to wash my face until it was cleared up. After just one day, I noticed improvement!

    If you experience any reactions to Mary Kay products, try this regimen. I hope you will experience the same relief and healing I did. And, return your Mary Kay products for a full refund. I did!

  • July 24, 2013

    by Organic4Life

    @ HuH ?

    She never said it was the first ingredient. She said it was "up near the top" of the list. That means there is likely a bunch of it in there (more then everything else BELOW it in the list). As you astutely pointed out the first ingredient is WATER. then some soap...and a bunch of alcohols. (sounds like a wonderful skin cocktail doesn't it ?) Why would you want to use something that is primarily water, soap, and alcohol on your skin , when there are so many other choices of quality ingredients ?

    Also, the fact that it is used in lots of other products , does not make it something it is not. There are LOTS of nasty parabens and other KNOWN carcinogenic ingredients in products people use every day. It is a BUYERS BEWARE marketplace. Educate and inform yourself if you want to protect yourself from potentially harmful ingredients. Of course, lots of people don't care, but it is wonderful that we have the internet to inform us, and people like Marta are out there helping to warn of the potential dangers and pitfalls that exist.

  • June 23, 2013

    by HUH?

    What I find most interesting about this article here is that there is a blatant lie. This ingredient is NOT the FIRST ingredient in the list. The first ingredient is WATER, also I find it funny that she is NOT stating that this ingredient is in MANY cosmetics and personal care products, Triethanolamine is used in makeup products such as eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, blushers, make-up bases and foundations, as well as in fragrances, hair care products, hair dyes, wave sets, shaving products, sunscreens, and skin care and skin cleansing products.

    She also does NOT mention that this ingredient is SAFE when it is washed off the skin and if it is in products intended for prolonged contact with the skin, the concentration of Triethanolamine and Diethanolamine should not exceed 5%.

    Funny how ALL of that stuff was left out of this article.

  • May 10, 2013

    by Lyndsi

    Here is a petition you can sign to urge Mary Kay to stop animal testing. Not only are they using toxic ingredients, but they also test on animals. They also use "fragrance" to hide ingredients instead of listing them on the label. Several dealbrakers for me, I will never use these products again. I was a Mary Kay consultant years ago and was LIVID when I started educating myself about ingredients and the chemicals in their products. Shocking and upsetting! I urge you to not only STOP shopping from them, but return your products and tell them WHY you are returning them, and sign this petition too.

  • April 9, 2012

    by jennifer dowl

    Please do your homework. Mary Kay has not tested on animals since 1987.
    I recently researched all cosmetic companies concerning that.
    If you aren't fond of the products, fine, but please don't spread incorrect info.

  • March 27, 2012

    by Liz

    On top of the negatives.... They do testing on animals. ALL SET

  • March 9, 2012

    by Toni

    Help!! My daughter has just spent the last five hours in the Emergency Room after showering off Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer, Day Solution, and Cleanser. Possibly had residual products on her lips and ingested it after drinking her morning coffee. She has severe nut allergies which has landed her in th ER before. Quite scary!! Anyone know of ingredients in these products that could have caused this???!!!

  • March 8, 2012

    by Amanda

    I am a new Mary Kay consultant and have been using the time wise miracle set for over a month. MY SKIN HAS NEVER LOOKED OR FELT BETTER. Yes the price is actually $90. But it is worth every penny and will last you much longer than a month.

    Time wise is safe for MoST with sensitive skin, but everyone is different and some may have super sensitive skin in which case most everything will cause a reaction .

    I don't think Mary Kay is geared toward older women anymore, I'm only 24. If your foundation was orange you were most likely using the wrong color. And if your pores became clogged, you may have been over moisturizing and not cleansing properly or deep cleaning (ex: the microdermabrasion set or new botanicals mask).

    There will always be someone out there who has to complain ... My advise try it for yourself.

  • March 5, 2012

    by KD

    This is so STUPID y'all!! First off the price stated in the article is wrong...the Miracle set is $90. I have been using it for almost 2 years and the foundation and I get compliments EVERY TIME I meet my friends. And all those of you who had a reaction or broke out with acne...did you not try the product before you bought it? That is why the MK ladies hold the parties so you can "Try Before you Buy"! And I have worn MAC and random makeup from Sephora and I like Mary Kay makeup just as well. Its Young and they update every 3 months....I don't know where some of you are getting all this information but you should switch your consultant rather than bash a good company!

  • February 5, 2012

    by Bev

    Using Mk products for nearly eight years now and meeting several people who love the product because of the wonders it has worked on their skin,I have to say the products do work. The common mistake consultants make is recommending the wrong product therefore leaving people with the wrong impression that the porduct was a complete waste. The company has a long line of cleansers and moisturizers for all skin types but many new consultants do not take time to know what works for each individual, the thing would be finding an informed consultant. I do not work for MK but know people who do and there are some who take the job seriously. For those who are still not satisfied MK products, the company guarantees their products 100%. Hoped this helped =]

  • January 23, 2012

    by Alaina

    I was given the timewise set as a gift for christmas and at first I like it. My skin felt smooth and it was fairly easy... After a couple of weeks I started to notice my pores were so clogged that it would make huge black heads on my face and hurt.... I quit using it for less than a week and my face has already cleared up. Nice thought but I will pass.
    Granted, I am 25 years old, maybe it's directed towards an older generation, but I've never really been a fan of Mary Kay. I've been to many a party, and did not like the orange tint to the foundations (maybe that's how it reacted to my skin) and the quality of the pigment in the colors is sub-par. I've found the same quality at the dollar store.
    I had never tried the their skin products and decided it might be worth a try, but I believe I am going to start doing a lot more research on items I intend to use on my face.
    Thank you for the article and the comments. Very informative.

  • January 13, 2012

    by seeing the truth

    Laura ,
    I have two questions
    1. How many people are tested on the products?
    2. How much does Mary Kay have in their products? If the TimeWise cleanser cost the customer $18 then cost the consultant $9. Then Mary Kay has to pay for all these test, scientists, people who work at the corporate office, and then the commissions, cars, prizes, rings, so how much does Mary Kay really have in their products?? When you look at it this way you realize MK only has pennies in their products but expect people to pay a lot for products.

  • January 13, 2012

    by Laura

    Mary Kay Skin Care Safety-

    * Scientific experts not only assess every individual ingredient but also every finished product. This rigorous testing, and retesting, is performed or supervised by members of our Research and Development laboratories, including Ph.D.s and other advanced-degreed or degreed scientists in such areas as toxicology, pharmacology, microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry.
    * Every product decision is based on scientific fact, not opinion. At Mary Kay Inc., we rely on proven scientific research utilizing the most advanced technologies available, and we will not use any ingredient until our testing has proven it safe and effective for use.
    * Because impartial evaluation of products is vital, we conduct clinical testing in independent laboratories where volunteers use Mary Kay® products under strict supervision and evaluation by independent board-certified dermatologists and ophthalmologists.
    * We also conduct extensive laboratory testing to ensure against skin irritancy and allergy, and we use state-of-the-art methods to evaluate all products to be used in the eye area.
    * All skin care and cosmetic products are regulated by governmental health and safety authorities, and before any product can be offered for sale, it must pass stringent government safety requirements. As a matter of principle, Mary Kay Inc. regularly goes beyond what is required by law when it comes to product safety.

  • January 9, 2012

    by Ann

    My neighbor sells Mary Kay. I tried it a few years ago. Being completely ignorant of the ingredients at the time, I will say it worked adequately for a short amount of time, but before the bottle were finished, I was on to something else. I have no brand loyalty!

  • January 5, 2012

    by seeing the truth

    I want to correct myself when I said the company was using the $200 as sales. It should have been $600 in sales. Sorry for the confusion.

  • January 4, 2012

    by seeing the truth

    MK is not the #1 best selling. The company was saying that but was asked not to because they was unable to provide the stats. Mary Kay consultants do not report their sales. The company only reported what the consultants ordered. Example, a consultant ordered $600 for the month of January but only sold $50 for the month. She does not report the $50. The company was using the $200 as "sales" and when this came out MK was no longer allowed to use the #1 title. MK refused to report the actual sales. You know why? Because it is shameful at how much the consultant orders compared to their actual sales. The company doesn't want this to be exposed. Consultants order thousands of dollars of inventory and it sets on their shelves. Directors go in debt and order thousands of dollars in products just to keep production and because the product doesn't "sell itself" they only sell a fraction of what they order. I know because I was a consultant when this #1 title became an issue

  • October 7, 2011

    by Erika

    Madona, i had this same experience years ago with the time wise products. i had to go on a month of horrible antibiotics to clear it.
    I have recently had the same thing happen with Elemis detox program (supplements.) i may have had some kind of reaction to the red algae or kelp although I never have before. i was trying to find the ingredients list for time wise to see if there was a connection. All I found was this 1 article :( I feel for ya!

  • October 1, 2011



  • February 7, 2011

    by jennifer

    MK is a yuky prodduct. They never have updated colors and stay with younger styles. Also, they claim their gels are not sticky. In fact, they ARE very sticky and feel not be fooled! Also, I think it is very tacky that even their web site does not list any ingredients on their products. I am pregnant and ust wanted to see if the night cream was safe to use, but no info.....NO MORE MK for me!

  • January 13, 2011

    by Tracey

    Lots of good info along with pros/cons.
    I am a MK Consultant and have been off and on for many years. Mostly a "consumer consultant" since I do not care to sell the product for profit, just to purchase it at the consultant price of half off retail.
    The ironic thing is, I have been reading "You Being Beautiful" authored by Oprahs famed Dr. OZ and Dr. Michael Roizen. Which the author mentions in the article. I am an information junkie on topics that include beauty, what we find beautiful in others based on our primitive human nature, body language, philosophy, sociology/psychology.
    The book is stuffed with info on caring for yourself in every facet. The Docts not only tell you what your body physically needs but also the science behind it and why. This morning I just read about Skin Care and the best things for your crazy fillers or strange chemicals were included...instead things like Vit. E, Vit A, and Vit C made the list. WHEN to apply them along with why. **(Did you know that ALL of these Vitamins are quickly rendered ineffective when exposed to the Sun? no need to apply them during the day! You are literally wasting your money if you are told to apply them in your morning cleansing ritual~Unless you live in a Cave)- who knew! **
    I have to be honest and tell you that I have not yet had time to check my MK Consultant guide to find out if the ingredients are listed for us in the Miracle Set nor the Day & Night Creams...but I will because I don't want to use something that isn't really producing the results it claims or waste money on it when I could invest my time and $ on what works....even if it cost a little (or a lot more). Caring for YOUR FACE is not a luxury it is a necessity. You only get one! :)

    Ps. Dr. Oz and Roizen both recommend Dr. Perrys Day Skin and Night Skin. Because of the ingredients. Which I will budget to purchase if I find out it is the best thing for me.

    Also dear sisters, remember, don't allow ANY company to play off of your fears of aging, (noting that: MK does NOT do that). And if MK is working for you-Great! But don't discount that it may not be the best thing for your skin. Natural sources for both food and skin care are in COMPLETE harmony with your body~(it LOVES them!) Use your best judgment and LISTEN to your body/skin and heart.

    To the Author of the article...Thank you Marta for posting this. I just did a Goggle search asking what were the ingredients to possibly avoid finding and digging out my MK Product/Consultant Guide and the address for this article came up - Yea!

  • December 4, 2010

    by Brenda

    Mary Kay, TimeWise Skin Care, is the No. 1 Brand for a reason!! It works and people love it - it's not complicated and it's affordable with the best customer service!! I suffered with cystic acne and tried many other products including dematologist recommended medications with all those side-effects!! Mary Kay is the only product that worked on my skin. I am in my 50's and I look YOUNGER than other ladies my age. Thank you Mary Kay for caring enough to provide the BEST products ever!! I stand behind these products and the Company stands behind them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also received the GOOD SEAL of APPROVAL from GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE!! That doesn't happen every day . . just my opinion.

  • December 2, 2010

    by joanne

    well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but as for me it worked really well on me, since i was 20 and im 24 right now, i still use it. im quite satisfied with the result really.

  • November 3, 2010

    by Anne

    I tend to agree with this article. I have been a licensed esthetician for 10 years, and most of the time with a Derm and Plastic Surgeon. I have seen time and time again, the long term effects of less then stellar products, that really have chemical fillers as 90% of their product.
    Our skin is natural, it is the largest organ in the body and it is responsible for protecting environmental stress, and chemicals from entering our body.
    Natural products are important for healthy skin.

  • October 24, 2010

    by April Egan

    You've gotta be kidding me! I have been invited to a Mary kay party a few days from now. I might not be available now!
    Why, if they are using ingredients in a manner they shouldn't, hasn't anyone been reporting or checking on them?!
    We are al responsible for the knowledge that we have. Now that I know about this, I will definitely be telling my friends. Just because I am not going to live forever doesn't mean i'm going to ingest things that I know could kill me. Rachel, I know you're young and can't see much past the next few years, but i would just caution you to make sure it's worth it.
    Yes, smoking causes cancer, do you smoke? research on caffiene shows that it is actually beneficial up to 2 cups per day. Do you drink excessive amounts of caffiene? Just because others do it in spite of the fact that it is bad for them doesn't mean you have to.
    I have really bad break-outs too. I know it's not the same as acne, not even close. But I am not sure it would be worth it to my young children if I were diagnosed with cancer because I thought the way I looked was more important than my health. Why? So my orphaned children can say- well, mommy's skin looked beautiful until the day she died. we owe it to the people that love us, and that we also love, to take care of ourselves and encourage others to do the same. Beautiful skin on a corpse is pointless and sad.
    Plus, this company getting away with what they're doing is going to encourage other companies to cut corners and blur the lines of ethics in their production and will produce products marketed to young girls such as yourself that might cause more horrible side effects and diseases.
    Thank you for the information! May we all be responsible with it!

  • October 2, 2010

    by rachel

    Mary Kay has great cosmetics i personally use it.when I was 17 I had really bad acne I'm allergic to sunblock so I Went to the doctor and nothing worked..neutrogena proactive,nothing worked I met with a consultant within a month their was no trace of acne on my skin..I respect others opinion but when something you tried works on you great you recommend it to other people...I don't care about the ingredients I'm going to die one day but while I lived my skin was beatiful and is bad for you and people drink it..cigarettes kill you and people smoke..wo w/e to the ingredients fact is that is helping young girls like me look beautiful and flawless, and gives others the chance of being themselves again.

  • August 30, 2010

    by jennifer

    Mary kay is one of the best products for skin care nd makeup. I need to enquire if it is possible for my 18 year old daughter to use mary kay skin care products such as the 3-in 1 cleansing bar,visibly fit body lotion,even complexion essence

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